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Home Courts By District 1st Judicial District VTC Eligibility and Entry
Home Courts By District 1st Judicial District VTC Eligibility and Entry
VTC Eligibility and Entry


Target Population and Program Eligibility

The 1st Judicial District Veterans Treatment Court targets high risk, high need participants who are veterans. These are person with significant histories of substance abuse and prior treatment and supervision failures who are at high risk for engaging in criminal behavior due to their chemical dependence and/or behavioral mental health issues. Each participant is expected to reach a stable and long-term level of sobriety during the program and must be open and willing to work with treatment providers to address underlying mental health conditions. To be eligible for referral to the program, offender must meet the following criteria’s: 

  • Current or prior service in any branch of the United States Armed Forces
  • Charged with class 3-class 6 felonies, misdemeanor, repeated alcohol/drug related driving offenses
  • Case status must be post plea or probation revocation
  • Have functional and cognitive ability to comply with program requirements
  • Offenses must be committed in Jefferson or Gilpin county

Disqualifying Factors:

  1. Prior Class 1 or Class 2 felony conviction.
  2. Sexual offenses that require offense specific treatment.
  3. Ineligible for probation supervision.

VTC Entry

Referral Process: To be considered for VTC the defendant first needs to be referred to the program. 

  1. Any party on the case can request a VTC screen be ordered by the Judicial Officer. 
  2. The VTC screen trigger occurs after a plea has been entered or a probation revocation has been upheld. 
  3. The court will trigger the VTC screen notifying the probation department and VTC coordinator. 
  4. You will need to sign a release of information so we can determine if you meet program eligibility. This allows the team to gather information from the VA. 
  5. You will participate in an interview and assessments conducted by the probation department to determine program eligibility. 
  6. The VTC court coordinator will file a report with the court and your attorney indicating if you meet program eligibility or not. 
  7. If you meet VTC eligibility the Judicial Officer on your case has the option to refer you to the VTC docket to be sentenced to the program. 
  8. If you do not meet VTC eligibility, the program is not a sentencing option for the Judicial Officer. 

For more information, contact  coordinator, Russell Marsitto.
Phone (720)772-2689

Click here to access program expectations and overview of phases 

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