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Home Courts Denver Probate Court Information for Healthcare Providers
Home Courts Denver Probate Court Information for Healthcare Providers
Information for Healthcare Providers

Documents available for download:

Clinical evaluation report [Word] [pdf]

Clinical evaluation report instructions [Word] [pdf]

Supplemental attachment to the clinical evaluation report [Word] [pdf]

Questions regarding guardianships or conservatorships? Go to our guardianships/ conservatorships page

What are the powers of a guardian?

 § 15-14-315.  Powers of guardian. (1) Subject to the limitations set forth in section 15-14-316 and except as otherwise limited by the court, a guardian may:

(a) Apply for and receive money payable to the ward or the ward's guardian or custodian for the support of the ward under the terms of any statutory system of benefits or insurance or any private contract, devise, trust, conservatorship, or custodianship; (b) If otherwise consistent with the terms of any order by a court of competent jurisdiction relating to custody of the ward, take custody of the ward and establish the ward's place of custodial dwelling, but may only establish or move the ward's place of dwelling outside this state upon express authorization of the court; (c) If a conservator for the estate of the ward has not been appointed with existing authority, commence a proceeding, including an administrative proceeding, or take other appropriate action to compel a person to support the ward or to pay money for the benefit of the ward; (d) Consent to medical or other care, treatment, or service for the ward; and (e) If reasonable under all of the circumstnace, delegate to the ward certain responsibilities for decisions affecting the ward's well-being.

(2) The court may specifically authorize or direct the guardian to consent to the adoption or marriage of the ward.


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