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Home Courts Denver Probate Court Court Forms Miscellaneuos
Home Courts Denver Probate Court Court Forms Miscellaneuos
Denver Probate Court Forms
  • Petition to Withdraw Funds from Special Account in Registry - DPC 5. [Word] [PDF]
    • This form should be used when petitioning to withdraw funds held in the Denver Probate Court registry.  For conservatorships where funds are held in an outside finanical institution, please use JDF 868 Motion to Withdraw Funds from Restricted Account and JDF 869 Order Allowing Withdrawal of Funds from Restricted Account.


  • Denver Probate Court Digital Recording Request [Word]
    • This request form should be used when requesting digitally-recorded proceedings only. The recording itself and all of the contents are for your listening purpose only.  This form does not constitute a request for an official court transcript. If a transcript of the requested proceeding is required, use JDF 4.  Transcripts not prepared by a court designated transcriptionist will NOT be accepted for filing.
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