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Home Courts Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Court of Appeals Case Announcements
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March 30, 2023

P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

21CA0398 People v. Emmett Andrew Larsen

21CA0983 Rudolph Fontanari, Jr. v. Snowcap Coal Company Inc.

21CA1957 Blakeland Drive Investors, LLP IV v. Rashid Taghavi

21CA2023 Marcus A. Fear v. GEICO Casualty Company

U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

19CA0983 People v. Mihail Stefanov Petrov

19CA1309 People v. Noel Alexander Bertrand

19CA2336 People v. Leonard Paul Brandin

20CA0354 People v. Jabari Maurice Wilson

20CA0502 People v. Codey Daniel Trahan

20CA0554 People v. Andrew Tanner Dutrow

20CA0920 People v. Chad Ray Hovet

20CA1083 People v. Daniel Brandon Gray

20CA1921 People v. David L. Ward

21CA0715 People v. Charles M. Schmidt, Jr.

21CA0774 People v. Oliver Ray Carbutt

21CA1492 Terrance M. Wyles v. Allen Sussman

21CA1526 Douglas DePeppe v. United Services Automobile Association

21CA1577 Ortho Agency v. Exactech U.S., Inc

21CA1596 Northwoods Operating LLC v. Wrangler Well Service Inc.

21CA1922 Excell Consulting International, Inc. v. DTH Corporation

21CA2020 People v. Nathaniel David Talache

21CA2083 RTA Inc. v. AM King Construction Company LLC

21CA2102 Toi Gillies v. Support Inc.

22CA0031 Shasta Ventures, LLC v. White Hawk Ranch Homeowners Association

22CA0211 City of Thornton v. D & C Farms, LLLP

22CA0445 Marriage of Ornum

22CA0628 People v. Thomas J. Early

22CA0711 Adoption of M.O. and A.V.O., Children

22CA0771 & 22CA0772 Parental Responsibilities Concerning R.B. and N.G.G., Children

22CA0877 Marriage of Anderson

22CA1012 People In Interest of S.S., a Child

22CA1044 People In Interest of G.S., J.S. II, E.S., Je.S., Ji.S., and Ja.S., Children

22CA1059 Parental Responsibilities Concerning L.A.N.S., a Child

22CA1454 People In Interest of M.C., a Child

22CA2049 Christopher Starr v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

23CA0198 People In the Interest of Melissa Miller

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