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Home Courts Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Court of Appeals Case Announcements
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April 23, 2015

This is a preliminary list subject to change at the Court's discretion

P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

10CA1184 People v. Willie Clark

13CA1681 People v. Guerreros Lorenzo Lopez

13CA2305 DeeAnna Soicher v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance

14CA0125 People v. Evelin Campos

14CA0248 Mac McShane v. Stirling Ranch Property Owners Assn

14CA0403 L & R Exploration Venture v. CCG

14CA0696 Jeff Auxier v. City of Salida

14CA1636 Jonathon R. Nagl v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

14CA1757 Teller County v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

12CA0542 People v. Kristina Marie Carpenter

12CA1282 People v. Elijah Belizare Daniel Bravo

12CA2142 People v. Lisa Marie Lambert

12CA2335 People v. Readding Louis Carver

13CA0101 People v. Noel Alexandre Bertrand

13CA0399 People v. Robert J. Fortier

13CA0400 People v. Jose Angel Parra

13CA0941 People v. James Edward Thomas

13CA1652 People v. George Douglas Vaughan

13CA2095 Nathaniel Wardwell v. David Howard

13CA2111 People v. Elijah David Mueller

14CA0042 Iris E. Behr v. Routt County Board of Commissioners

14CA0055 Marriage of Smith and Kamnikar

14CA0112 People v. Shawn C. Watkins

14CA0151 People v. Anthony J. Martinez

14CA0215 People v. Donald Ray Gonzales

14CA0423 Petition for the Adoption of A.R.R-W., a Child

14CA0574 Paul Page v. Town of Erie

14CA0737 Marriage of Ward

14CA0752 James William DeHaven v. Julie Rammer

14CA0777 People v. Hector Omar Zambrano

14CA0792 Transtracheal Systems v. Bryan T. Spofford

14CA0850 People In Interest of R.J.W. and R.D.W., Children

14CA1002 People v. John Thomas Leffler

14CA1060 People v. Jerry Lupe Lujan

14CA1184 Marriage of Rivera

14CA1372 Marco A. Rocha v. Colorado Department of Corrections

14CA1501 Michael C. Field v. Colorado Department of Corrections

14CA2074 Jesus Munoz v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

14CA2147 Randall C. Schubert v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

15CA0030 People In Interest of N.T.W. and J.R.S. Jr., Children

15CA0047 People In Interest of E.R., a Child

15CA0133 Cathleen T. Dodge v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office




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