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Home Courts Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Court of Appeals Case Announcements
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February 22, 2018

This is a preliminary list subject to change at the discretion of the Court.

P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

15CA0126 People v. Brooke E. Rojas

16CA0817 Dorsey & Whitney v. RegScan

16CA1446 People In Interest of J.C.

16CA1492 Marriage of Runge

16CA1643 People v. Matthew Joslin

16CA1646 & 17CA0074 Roseann Scott v. Donna Scott

17CA0178 Denver Police Protective Assn v. City and County of Denver

17CA0608 People In Interest of L.H., a Child

U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

14CA1452 People v. Jakob Ruben Mayer

14CA2129 People v. Akinlabi Coleman

14CA2243 People v. Kellie Jean Lawson

15CA0561 People v. Alex Robert Martines

15CA0744 People v. Rebecca M. Trujillo

15CA0802 People v. Javier Reyes

15CA1149 People v. Brandon James Pedas

15CA1396 People v. Gerry Dale Roadcap

15CA1603 People v. Ceasar San Miguel

15CA1630 People In Interest of A.F.C.

15CA1735 People v. Gilbert James Million

15CA1848 People v. Jose Antonio Cruz

15CA2090 People v. Kevin James O’Rourke

16CA0529 People v. Stanley Dean Holveck

16CA0557 People v. Kindu Jubar Ealey

16CA0649 People v. Eric Morales

16CA0777 People v. Victor Cecil Martinez

16CA0965 People v. Travis Edward Sandlin

16CA1149 People v. Jory P. Miller

16CA1658 Marriage of Potter and Fort

16CA1692 Marriage of Weber

16CA1843 Mark Halper v. Colorado Department of Human Services

16CA1855 Marriage of Brennan-Tibbets

16CA1908 Marriage of Lemons

17CA0309 People v. Edward Raifsnider

17CA0352 Marriage of Morgan Concerning Bagley Law Firm

17CA0373 People v. Edward Raifsnider

17CA0375 Linda G. Prettner v. Denver County Board of Equalization

17CA0466 Ronald Jennings Fogle v. Governor of State of Colorado

17CA0511 People In Interest of G.H., a Child

17CA0571 Parental Responsibilities Concerning C.D., a Child

17CA0576 People In Interest of J.R. and P.R., Children

17CA0688 People In Interest of X.A.B., a Child

17CA0830 People In Interest of M.C., a Child

17CA1036 People In Interest of L.S. and M.S., Children

17CA1048 People In Interest of V.S.B., a Child

17CA1052 People In Interest of S.M. and M.M., Children

17CA1749 Kathleen Cleary v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

17CA2307 People In Interest of Cassandra M. Rhymer



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