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Home Courts Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Future Case Announcements

Please note:  Starting in April 2019, the Colorado Court of Appeals will announce any published opinions on a weekly basis rather than biweekly.

December 12, 2019

P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

16CA2168 People v. David Lee Meils

17CA2054 People v. Cody Lee Procasky

17CA2225 People v. Alicia Sherie Sosa

U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

16CA0874 People v. Alexis O. Robinson

16CA1625 People v. Pedro Baca

17CA0006 People v. Jacob John Lahr,

17CA1180 People v. Sean Schaadt

17CA1747 People v. Sonia Holguin

17CA1874 People v. Kenneth Lucas Colvin

17CA2218 People v. Jeremy Robert Graber

18CA0052 People v. Robert Paul Fry

18CA0456 People v. Javier Islas

18CA0794 People v. Jason Lee Gummin

18CA0873 People v. Brian Michael Scheid

18CA1018 People v. Kelvin Dalexi Arteaga

18CA1092 People In Interest of D.K.T.R., a Child

18CA1320 People v. Kenneth Montgomery

18CA1433 People v. Leeroy Cervantes-Rodriguez

18CA1457 People v. Mark James Martinez

18CA1543 Henry A. Mockelmann, III v. Colorado Bureau of Investigation

18CA1588 Marriage of Manchi and deVittorio

18CA1648 Angela Pent v. PPF AMLI 10020 Trainstation Circle

18CA1764 People v. James Robert Sardakowski

18CA1927 Kai Kawasugi, DDS v. Stamm Dental PLLC

18CA2112 Roy Neal v. Cty Court, Jefferson Cty, Colo

18CA2304 Raymond Becker v. Michael J. Coyle

18CA2398 Benjamin Heien v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

18CA2479 People In Interest of M.L.H., a Child

19CA0005 Marriage of Koch and Corey Lewis Wood

19CA0032 People In Interest of R.G., a Child

19CA0073 People v. Dwight Daniel Dimes

19CA0134 Daniel E. Murphy v. Denise Balazic

19CA0383 People In Interest of A.E. and L.E., Children

19CA0518 People In Interest of A.D.E.F., a Child

19CA0639 People In Interest of I.B., a Child

19CA0640 People In Interest of C.R., a Child

19CA0664 People In Interest of K.T., R.C., and A.T., Children

19CA0681 People In Interest of S.E.D., a Child

19CA0682 People In Interest of S.M. and R.M., Children

19CA0686 Parental Responsibilities Concerning J.R.S.V., a Child

19CA0743 People In Interest of J.M., a Child

19CA0762 People In Interest of N.S.M., a Child

19CA0957 Allen L. Atencio v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

19CA1014 Henway Audio, LTD v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

19CA1128 People In Interest of M.F., a Child

19CA1348 Brett M.R. Johnson v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

19CA1482 Darrell D. Sowell v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

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