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Home Courts Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Court of Appeals Case Announcements
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February 22, 2024

P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

22CA2181 Laura Anzalone v. Board of Trustees

23CA0058 People v. Skylan M. Brassill

U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

21CA0093 People v. Jesus Lopez-Marquez

21CA0319 People v. Edwin Ernesto Rivera-Gracias

21CA0651 People v. Dmarco Jaquise Blake

21CA1103 People v. Megan Marie Nalwood

21CA1647 People v. Montrell Vincent Watson

21CA1670 People v. Lavone Bonnie Barron

22CA0013 People v. Victor M. Arenas-Foote

22CA0166 People v. Edgardo Alvarez-Williamas

22CA0415 People In the Interest of P.N.P.

22CA0550 People v. Mander Jacy Phillips

22CA1137 People v. Timothy Ray Scott, Jr.

22CA1423 People v. Ethan Tyler Stephens

22CA1547 People v. David Michael Mercado, Jr.

22CA1609 People v. Leeroy Cervantes-Rodriguez

22CA1630 People v. Richel Lee Gurule

22CA1737 State Board v. Steven Duane Baldwin

22CA1773 Marriage of Frisch

22CA1826 Darrell Fortner v. Kindred at Home

22CA1973 Marriage of Hooper

22CA2080 Henry L. Solano v. Max Vezzani

22CA2177 People v. Carlos Alfredo Diaz Jr.

22CA2270 Marriage of Ward

23CA0153 Robert West v. Board of Equalization

23CA0285 Cheryl A. Moss v. Department of Health Care Policy and Financing

23CA0377 Calvin Cole v. Richard Craig

23CA0485 People v. Charles M. Schmidt, Jr.

23CA0525 Dawnyel Kay Himes v. Kent Place Holdings, LLC

23CA0536 Petition of J.A.M.

23CA0649 Sara Hammerle v. James H. Johnson

23CA0652 People v. Michael Jamen Leonard

23CA0913 People In Interest of L.Q., Jr., a Child

23CA1238 People In Interest of A.H.F., a Child

23CA1328 People In Interest of L.C.W.H. and B.C.W.H., Children

23CA1360 People In Interest of A.O.L., a Child

23CA1439 People In Interest of R.C.E., a Child

23CA2164 People In Interest of Denise Snow


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