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Home Courts Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Court of Appeals Case Announcements
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February 16, 2017

This is a preliminary list subject to change at the Court's discretion.

U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

11CA1851 T. Lawton Roberts v. L&H, LLC

13CA1413 People v. Steven Curtis Thompson

13CA1434 People v. Johanna Colleen Daley

13CA1601 People v. Jose Luis Vasquez

13CA1824 People v. Michael Steven Arreola

13CA2384 People v. Timothy Paul Beeson

14CA0086 People v. Ronald Louis Larkins

14CA0701 People v. Danny R. Martinez

14CA0962 People v. Christopher Shawn Mize

14CA1425 People v. Douglas William Eberhardt

14CA1551 People v. Dorin Tod McGee

14CA1706 People v. Albert Gonzales

14CA2413 People v. James Robert Sardakowski

14CA2432 People v. Kevin Martin Montgomery

15CA0014 People In Interest of A.N.

15CA0192 People v. Teddy Allen Runyon, Jr.

15CA0305 People v. Michael Sean Siemsen

15CA0378 People v. Troy D. Martinez

15CA0565 People v. Shawn P. Mullinex

15CA0746 People v. Kevin James Bauserman

15CA1099 People v. Paul Harland

15CA1442 People v. Shawn P. Domenech

15CA1455 People v. Cordero Tramon Collins

15CA1565 In Interest of S.H.H.-R., a Child

15CA1598 People v. Shawne Alexander Toney

15CA1998 Saritta Robinson v. Carl McIntosh

16CA0150 Shannon Duncan v. Edwin E. Kobneck

16CA0184 Hendricks Communities v. Red Stone Agency Lending

16CA0227 Marriage of Kirkland and Johnson

16CA0397 Anthony Lucero v. Paul Gordon

16CA0582 Sylvia Alicia Sepulveda v. Lars Widdel, MD

16CA0667 Paul Horn v. AT&T Mobility LLC

16CA0781 People In Interest of S.L. and A.L., Children

16CA0851 Marriage of Hazy

16CA0944 Hajoca Corporation v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

16CA1037 Evergreen Caissons, Inc. v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

16CA1150 People In Interest of A.C.S., J.M.C., and K.E., Children

16CA1179 People In Interest of D.A.M., a Child

16CA1953 Marco A. Wu v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office 


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