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Home Courts Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Court of Appeals Case Announcements
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January 12, 2017

This is a preliminary list subject to change at the Court's discretion

P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

13CA2117 People v. Juvenal Onel Garcia

15CA0965 Denver Classroom Teachers Assn v. School District No. 1

15CA1494 Belinda A. Begley v. Myrtle Ireson

15CA1661 & 16CA0148 Estate of Edward J. Fritzler, deceased.

15CA1663 In the Interest of L.B., a Child

15CA2037 Neill Smith v. State Farm Mutual Auto Ins

16CA0167 Donna Kovac v. Farmers Insurance Exchange

16CA0289 People In Interest of N.S., a Child

U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

13CA0298 People v. Theodore Israel Madrid

13CA1937 People v. Ignacio Jimenez

14CA1137 People v. Tranquilino Padilla

14CA1647 People v. Chad Lee Shipley

15CA0252 People v. Deone Marie Graham

15CA0727 Michael A. Collins v. Apartment Management Consultants

15CA0772 Lamar Guthrie v. Highline Court Homeowners’ Assn

15CA0811 People v. Thomas Phil Merchant

15CA0908 People v. Joseph Jeffrey Roos

15CA0913 People v. Gary Thomas Clow

15CA0968 People v. Michael Leon Williams

15CA1310 People v. Michael A. Mangino

15CA1315 People v. James Sardakowski

15CA1670 Marriage of Nielsen and Patrone

15CA1705 People v. Shawn P. Mullinex

15CA1980 People In Interest of T.M.

16CA0031 Marriage of Shock

16CA0120 Arlin Dressel v. Colo Dept of Revenue

16CA0332 Priest Construction v. Tonya Kisch-Anderson

16CA0761 Parental Responsibilities Concerning F.W.S., a Child

16CA0856 Western Logistics v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

16CA1103 People In Interest of Z.R., a Child

16CA1335 Sherry D. Booker v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

16CA1642 Faysal M. Wako v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

16CA1657 Marlin L. Stevens v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

16CA1783 People In Interest of Jason Daniel Morton



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