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Home Courts Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Court of Appeals Case Announcements
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Please note:  Starting in April 2019, the Colorado Court of Appeals will announce any published opinions on a weekly basis rather than biweekly.

August 15, 2019


P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S


18CA0290 Peo v. Whisler


U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S


16CA0006 Peo v. Dalton

16CA0876 Peo v. Moquist

16CA2044 Peo v. Minton

16CA2139 Peo v. Wade

17CA0469 Peo v. Anderson

17CA0951 Peo v. Clarence King

17CA1057 Peo v. Clyde Skinner

17CA1237 Peo v. Nicole Collette Salazar

17CA1301 Peo v. Patrick David Kennedy

17CA1367 Peo v. Filiberto Bustos

18CA0380 Gary Knutson v.  CDOC and Warden of Sterling Corrections

18CA0410 Peo v. Leonard Portugal

18CA0560 Peo In Interest of Z.C., a Child, and Concerning S.C.

18CA0585 Peo v. Anthony Joe Gomez

18CA0608 Peo v. Maurice Bluitt

18CA0663 Peo v. Austin Bryce Campbell

18CA0693 Peo v. Cruz A. Carbajal

18CA0832 Peo In Interest of C.C-H. and D.C., Children, and Conc D.C.

18CA0861 Woodstream v. Makeen Investment Group and Akeem A. Makeen

18CA1021 Vera R. Boyd v. Frances H. Sgarlatti

18CA1029 Marriage of Katnik

18CA1058 Peo In Interest of C.C. and A.C., Children, and Conc T.N.S.

18CA1188 Marriage of Peterson

18CA1253 Peo v. Carlos J. Abad

18CA1368 Peo v. Donald Rheubottom

18CA1440 Peo In Interest of P.R., B.R., and M.R., Children, and Conc L.T.R.,

18CA1507 R. Kirk McDonald v. Citibank N.A., Kelly Kilgore, and Mark C. Willis

18CA1512 Peo In Interest of D.A.S. and M.S., Children, and Conc C.H. and M.C.S.

18CA1526 Peo In Interest of K.M., a Child, and Concerning J.S.

18CA1554 Peo In Interest of J.M., a Child, and Concerning K.M.

18CA1561 David Matus v. Robert N. Trigg; Clifford E. Eley; Daniel B. Galloway; Eley Galloway Trigg LLP; Galloway Trigg, LLP; and Hamilton Faatz, PC.

18CA1669 Peo In Interest of A.F.S., a Child, and Conc T.L.S. and G.W.

18CA1706 Robert A. Geiser v. Dept of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles

18CA1709 Christopher Baker v. Dean Williams, Executive Director of CDOC

18CA1760 Peo In Interest of H.H., A.H., S.H. and J.H. Children, and Conc M.H.

18CA1773 Peo In Interest of B.B., a Child, and Concerning J.B.

18CA1816 Peo In Interest of A.P., C.P., and V.P., Children, and Conc B.P.

18CA1851 Peo In Interest of A.G., D.L., Jr., and C.L., Children, and Conc D.L., Sr., and B.G.

18CA1861 Peo v. Michael A. Breaux

18CA2133 Peo In Interest of Av.D., W.D., D.D., and Al.D., Children, and Conc E.D. and J.D.

18CA2215 Jamie Elizabeth Coahran v.  Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division

18CA2257 Peo In Interest of I.I.B., H.T., A.T., Aa.T., Children, and Concerning G.R. and M.T.

18CA2289 Peo In Interest of P.M.Q., and G.S., Jr., Children, and Conc B.Q.

18CA2311 Peo In Interest of M.C., a Child, and Concerning J.R.

18CA2411 Peo In Interest of I.A., a Child, and Concerning V.A.

18CA2475 Peo In Interest of Ju.H., Je.H., Minor Children, and Conc A.R.

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