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Home Courts Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Court of Appeals Case Announcements
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Please note:  Starting in April 2019, the Colorado Court of Appeals will announce any published opinions on a weekly basis rather than biweekly.

January 16, 2020

P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

16CA0347 People v. Kyotte Kyle Knobee

17CA1056 People v. Kevin Wayne Viburg

18CA1908 Pella Windows & Doors v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

18CA2098 Spiremedia Inc. v. Timothy Richard Wozniak

U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

16CA0977 People v. Patrick Brandon Kreh

16CA1850 People v. James Adkins, Jr.

17CA0007 People v. Jeffery Gunner Saari

17CA1489 People v. Willie Allmon

17CA1743 People v. Zackary Thomas Chavez

18CA1261 Marriage of Spitz

18CA1520 People v. Heidi Marie Boma

18CA1549 State Farm Fire and Casualty v. Claudio E. De La Cruz-Arellano

18CA1639 People v. James M. Bertolo

18CA1668 People v. Willard Smith

18CA1727 Dayton Green, Ltd. Condo Owners Assn v. Donald E. Fymbo

18CA1728 Estate of Roosevelt Turnbough

18CA1783 People v. Jose Leyva-Estrada

18CA1880 People v. Maria Guadalupe Morado

18CA1888 People v. William Scott Pettigrew

18CA1926 Barbara Bloem v. Dept of Health Care Policy and Fin.

18CA2184 Marriage of Griffin and Pasquale

18CA2200 Marriage of Bergles

18CA2363 People In Interest of C.L. and S.L., Children

19CA0295 Marriage of Roark

19CA0445 People v. Victor Luis Castillo-Rosales

19CA0498 Marriage of Flesner

19CA0622 People In Interest of A.R. and M.S., Children

19CA0687 People In Interest of R.O., a Child

19CA0703 Parental Responsibilities Concerning J.A.B. and D.Z.B., Children

19CA0761 People In Interest of J.B., a Child

19CA0878 People In Interest of L.W. and M.Q., Jr., Children

19CA0970 People In Interest of N.J.M. and M.E.M.T., Children

19CA1015 People In Interest of J.L., O.H., and T.B., Children

19CA1016 People In Interest of I.Z.O., a Child

19CA1079 People In Interest of S.O., a Child

19CA1146 People In Interest of N.S., a Child

19CA1369 People In Interest of J.M., a Child

19CA1512 People In Interest of P.B-I., a Child

19CA2001 People In Interest of J.T-H.

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