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Home Courts Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Court of Appeals Case Announcements
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May 16, 2024


20CA1987 People v. Jeffrey Sloan

22CA1265 People v. Dennis P. Herold

23CA0292 Andrew Ortiz v. Progressive Direct Insurance Company

23CA1498 Bruce Allen Gestner v. Bruce Michael Gestner


21CA0247 People v. Antonio Gonzales

21CA1405 People v. Randy Bourgeois

21CA2031 People v. Gage Ogdon Kohler

22CA0532 People v. Malcolm Levante Martin

22CA0805 People v. Abraham Hagos

22CA1018 People v. Edgar Bustillos

22CA1086 People v. Francisco Pedroza-Lechuga

22CA1358 People v. Phillip G. Andrade

22CA1568 People v. David Samuel Walters

22CA1717 Marriage of Howard

23CA0078 GF Conservation Credit v. Jimmy R. Guire II

23CA0451 People v. Robert Earl Weichel

23CA0607 People v. Vincent Fred Vigil

23CA1032 Tracy W. Matthews v. Jefferson County Board of Equalization

23CA1245 Roaring Fork Land v. Garfield County Board of Equalization

23CA1364 Atlantic Building Systems v. Cathy Holland-Holtz

23CA1384 People v. L.C. Jackson, Jr.

23CA1539 People In Interest of T.C., Jr., a Child

23CA1541 People In Interest of T.L. and L.L., Children

23CA1590 People In Interest of L.M.C., a Child

23CA1623 Kelly Milan v. Sean Eubanks

23CA1674 People In Interest of S.M., Child

23CA1769 People In Interest of M.R.C., a Child

23CA1961 People In Interest of V.R.T., a Child

23CA1974 People In Interest of M.J.Y., a Child

23CA2053 People In Interest of N.M.W., a Child

23CA2107 People In Interest of K.M. and C.M., Children

23CA2194 People In Interest of W.W., a Child

23CA2212 People In Interest of D.L.M.A., a Child

24CA0187 Shannon Bell v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office


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