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Douglas County Courthouse
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General Information


If you received a summons for jury duty it is because your name was selected at random through lists provided by voters registration, Colorado driver's license, Colorado ID, or the Department of Revenue.  You must be prepared to stay until 5:00p.m. on your appearance date.  If you are chosen as a juror, the trial generally starts as soon as the jurors are selected; in most cases selection is completed on the first day.  The average trial in Colorado is two days for county court and three to four days for district court.  We will not know what type trial you are assigned to until you appear.  Complete your juror questionnaire before you arrive & bring your entire summons with you. You will appear at 4000 Justice Way, Ste. 2026, Castle Rock, CO 80109 and the driving directions are on the back of your summons.

Anyone in a uniformed position please DO NOT WEAR YOUR UNIFORM to jury duty.  Do NOT wear any PERFUME/AFTERSHAVE as some people are highly allergic.   

Upon entering the Douglas County Justice Center you must go through a security scanner.  Please leave mace, weapons, knitting/crochet needles, contraband, finger nail files/clippers and as much metal as possible at home or in your car as you will be required to empty all of your pockets. The wait line to be scanned may be lengthy so please plan accordingly (the doors open at 7:30am).   Complete your juror questionnaire before you arrive & bring your entire summons with you.

We do have a Cafe in the Justice Center however you may bring in your own refreshments as long as it is not in a glass countainer.  Food may be brought in, only in plastic containers. No silverware such as knives and forks are allowed. Restrooms are available in the jury assembly room. There will be a waiting period in the jury assembly room; you may want to bring reading material, work, laptops, Ipods & cell phones. Unfortunately, we do NOT have wireless access.  All electronic devices must be turned off prior to going to the courtroom.  Business casual clothing, including jeans, is appropriate. CHILDREN MAY NOT ATTEND JURY DUTY.  Your appearance date is listed on your summons with the reporting instructions in the blue box.  If today is the business day prior to your reporting date, please click on the reporting schedule link listed above to receive reporting information.  Complete your juror questionnaire before you arrive & bring your entire summons with you.

POSTPONEMENT REQUESTS: All postponement requests must be in writing & submitted at least 5 business days prior to your reporting date. Please choose carefully as we can only provide one postponement.  If you would like to request a postponement please click on the postponement tab above to fill out the request or email us at

DISQUALIFICATION REQUESTS: Disqualification requests must be accompanied by documentation such as a doctor's letter (it must say permanent or chronic illness on the letter if you are requesting a permanent disqualification), a copy of your alien registration card, etc. to prove you are not a citizen or other documentation as requested.   Click on the Disqualification tab above to fill out the form.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: For weather related reporting information please tune to KOA 850 and/or a local news station.  In case of INCLEMENT WEATHER, please call 303-675-6805 and listen to the recording for delays and closures BEFORE traveling to the courthouse. 

REPORTING INFORMATION: Please click on the reporting schedule link above.

Please click the appropriate tab above to receive further instruction. 




Reporting Location
4000 Justice Way Ste. 2009
Castle Rock CO 80109

Jury Line: 303-675-6805
Jury Fax: 303-663-9333
Note: Hours 7:30am - 4:00pm

Picture for Douglas County Courthouse
Jury Commissioner
Sheila Sebastian
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