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Morgan District Court
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Reporting Schedule

If you are required to report for jury duty please bring your COMPLETED AND SIGNED JUROR QUESTIONNAIRE portion of your summons for check-in with the court bailiffs.  Keep in mind that you will be required to pass through a security screening before reporting to the jury assembly area, so leave any questionable items at home or in your car.  By order of the Morgan County Sheriff cells phones shall be powered off or silenced.  Additional items not allowed in the Judicial Building are listed on the front window entering the Courthouse, (pocket knives, lighters, chains on wallets, etc.). You may bring reading materials and bottled water, but please no children.  Thank you.

Reference your Juror Number found on your Juror Summons, to the left of your address. Locate the date you are summoned to appear on the Reporting Schedule. If your juror number is listed in the "REPORT" column, you should report at the time indicated. If your juror number is listed in the "DO NOT REPORT" column or if "ALL JURORS" is listed, you do not need to report and your obligation for the juror summons is complete. We appreciate your service. 


LAST UPDATED: 08/14/2017



(If your juror number is within this range, you must report)


(If your juror number is within this range, you do NOT need to report)

08/08/2017   ALL JUROR #s 6776-6975 and 6654, 6180, 4966, 5875
08/14/2017   ALL JUROR #s 6976-7075 and 6696, 6204
08/14/2017   ALL JUROR #s 1-150 and 6912
08/17/2017   ALL JUROR #s 151-300 and 6115, 929, 5314
08/21/2017   ALL JUROR #s 301-450 AND 6197, 6888, 6822
08/28/2017   ALL JUROR #s 451-575 and 180
08/28/2017 ALL JUROR #s 1076-1175  
08/29/2017   ALL JUROR #s 576-675 and 221, 555, 1076
08/30/2017 ALL JUROR #s 676-775 and 223  
08/30/2017   ALL JUROR #s 776-875
08/31/2017 ALL JUROR #s 876-975 and 224, 1086  
08/31/2017   ALL JUROR #s 976-1075 
09/18/2017 ALL JUROR #s 1176-1275 and 1153  
09/18/2017 ALL JUROR #s 1276-1400  
09/18/2017 ALL JUROR #s 1401-1500  
Reporting Location
400 Warner Street
Fort Morgan CO 80701

Jury Line: 970-542-3435
Jury Fax: 970-542-3436

Picture for Morgan District Court
Jury Commissioner
Eva D. Alloway
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