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Home Courts By County Washington County Jury Information
Home Courts By County Washington County Jury Information
Washington County Jury Information
Washington County has one court location. Please choose a desired location from those listed below. At each court location, you will find:
Access the Juror Service Certificate.

Please locate the date you are required to appear on your summons and refer to the Reporting Schedule to inquire as to whether you will be required to appear for jury service.  If the status indicated is "REPORT" you must be present on the date and time instructed on your jury summons.  Please ensure that you bring your completed/signed Jury Questionnaire with you when you report for your jury service.  If you have misplaced your questionnaire, you may download a new form from this web page.  Please note if the status is "CANCELLED" on the date you are to appear, you need not report to the court for jury duty.  If you are not sure, you may call the jury information line the evening before you are scheduled to be present at (970) 345-2756.  When reporting for jury duty you will be required to pass through security.  Please ensure that you leave any questionable items in your vehicle or at home.  You may bring reading material and bottled water with you when you report for service.  Thank you. 

Choose a Location
Picture of Washington Combined Court Washington Combined Court
26861 Hwy 34, P.O. Box 455
Akron CO 80720

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