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Family Court of the Nineteenth Judicial District consists of two divisions - the Domestic Relations Division, including the Best Practice Court, and the Juvenile Division. Wherever possible, Family Court cases involving the same family are handled by one judicial officer.

The Domestic Relations Division of the Family Court deals with cases involving dissolution of marriage (divorce), legal separation, allocation of parental rights and responsibilities (custody), parenting time (visitation), invalidity of marriage (annulment) as well as child support and maintenance (alimony). This type of case has “DR” in its case number (for example 2007DR001), which stands for “Domestic Relations.” Litigants are strongly encouraged to consult a lawyer before filing any type of family case. More information about how to get legal help is provided in the Attorney Help section of this site.

The Juvenile Division of the Family Court deals with issues relating to child abuse and neglect, paternity, juvenile delinquency, truancy, child support, relinquishment and adoption. This type of case has either a “JV” (Dependency and Neglect, Truancy, Child Support or Paternity), “JD” (Juvenile Delinquency), “JR” (Relinquishment) or “JA” (Adoption) in its case number.

Top 10 list of things parents can do to help their children adjust to family change
Mandatory E-filing for District Court Domestic Relations Cases (DR)

Dependency & Neglect

Safety Planning and Services for Victims of Domestic Violence


Troy Hause                     
Division 9
970 475-2590

Ryan Kamada             
Division 7
970 475-2570

Mark Gonzales                
Division C
970 475-2470

Betty Strobel                   
Division 3
970 475-2530

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