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Home Courts By County El Paso County COVID-19
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In light of the public health risk posed by COVID-19, the El Paso County courthouse including Probation department will focus on matters with the most immediate concern for public health and safety. 

Masks are required.

The public entrance to the courthouse is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.


For Juror information, click here


For general questions call (719) 452-5000 or email


First Appearance Center (FAC), W119 - please note ... summonses with a return date between March 17, 2020 through May 29, 2020 have been rescheduled.  FAC will send notices of next court dates to the address listed in the citation or summons.

  • Find my next court date
  • For appearances scheduled after May 29, 2020, family and friends, of the named party on the summons, will not be permitted in the FAC on the scheduled appearance date. 
  • If you have a payable citation or summons scheduled in the First Appearance Center (FAC), W119, you may call (719) 452-5500 to see if your payable citiation or summons is eligible to be resolved over the phone.  For all other matters, you may call or email  

If you are scheduled to appear in Civil Returns (CVL), S290, or Small Claims (S), W170, please note your hearing has been vacated and will be rescheduled.  Parties in the case will receive notice of next court date from the attorney in the case or directly from the court.  Please make sure your current address is on file with the court.  If you need to update your address, please do so immediately.  Click here for the Change of Address form.  Upon completion mail the form to the court's address.  Link to Division CVL Order - Magistrate Paprzycki.  Link to CARES ACT FED (EVICTION) requirements summary & Fourth Judicial District specific averments required for CARES ACT compliance effective May 28, 2020.  Link to C.A.R.E.S. Act Affidavit.  Link to Division CVL/S Order; COVID-19 Operations Re-Opening Plan.

If you are scheduled to appear in a division, other than FAC, CVL, or S, and have questions about your court appearance, please call (719) 452-5000 or email  

If you need to reschedule an upcoming hearing, you may email or contact the division in which you are scheduled to appear, click here for a list of divisions


To contact the Probation Department or your Probation Officer, call (719) 452-5900 or email  When leaving a message, please indicate the level of urgency of your situation.  Due to a high volume of calls and emails, please allow 24 hours for a response.


Please note until further notice the self-help center is closed - online forms, instructions, and resources 


Court filings are not being accepted in-person for many types of matters.  Self-represented litigants may send in filings by mail.

The mailing address of this court is:

              El Paso County Combined Courts

              270 S. Tejon Street

              Colorado Springs, CO 80903

If there is a fee to file your documents, please include a check or money order made payable to “Clerk of Court”.  If you are unable to pay, you may file forms “JDF 205 Motion to File Without Payment and Supporting Financial Affidavit” and “JDF 206 Finding and Order Concerning Payment of Fees”.  Please include proof of your income.


If you are seeking to open or file documents into a Domestic Relations (divorce, custody, legal separation) case, you may mail or electronically file those documents.  To obtain information about electronic filing, click here


If you need to contact your Family Court Facilitator, please email them directly at:

Nicolle Rugh -

Eric Burton -

Cecilia Wall -

Michael Vigil -


Request for Court Records - please complete the Research Request Form and return by mail or email  For additional questions, call (719) 452-5490.


Fines/Fees - To make a payment on fines or fees, click here

For additional information regarding How to Setup a Payment Plan, Payment Options, OJW Clearance Letter Requests, Cases at Private Collection Agency (Integral Recoveries), How to Reach a Collections Investigator, and Financial Services, click here.

For Flow Chart regarding how to Setup a Payment Plan or Payment Options, click here.

For information regarding a Motion to Waive Filing Fees or Court Costs, click here.


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