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JURY parking



El Paso County will provide FREE parking for jurors who park in the El Paso County parking structures located at 50 East Costilla Street and 255 Sahwatch Street.  Please notify jury staff that you parked in a County garage when you check in for jury service.

Please make note of the parking structure you park in.

50 East Costilla is located one block SOUTH of the courthouse.

255 South Sahwatch is located one block WEST of the courthouse.

Parking for jurors in the garage located at 255 Sahwatch Street begins on level 2-WEST. 

Do not park in any of the reserved spaces in either El Paso County parking structure.

Place the pink shaded portion of the jury summons (located directly underneath the blue "IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ" section) on your dashboard. 

Jurors may park in any unmetered parking space.  Do not park at a meter.  You may not be able to move your car or add money to the meter. 

Parking at a parking meter may result in a parking ticket from the City of Colorado Springs that the Jury Commissioner cannot resolve.

Validation is not available if you park at a meter, private lot, or garage other than the two El Paso County parking structures indicated above.  


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