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JURY parking




We are aware of the difficulties the lack of available parking poses our visitors and continue to work with the County to address these challenges.

The County is no longer able to offer free parking for jurors.  The Jury Parking Lot is no longer an available parking option for jurors.  DO NOT PARK IN THE LOT LOCATED ON THE CORNER OF CASCADE AVENUE AND VERMIJO STREET.

There is extensive road construction around the Judicial Complex.  Please allow additional time for construction and parking delays. 

There are two parking structures available for jurors to use: 

    50 EAST COSTILLA STREET (1 block south of the courthouse on the northwest corner of Tejon and Costilla). 

    255 SOUTH SAHWATCH STREET (1 block west of the courthouse behind the Pike Peak Center). 

The fee for parking in either of these structures is $1.25 per hour with a maximum of $11.25 per day WITHOUT validation and $5.00 WITH validation.  The parking structures accept credit or debit cards for payment upon leaving the garage.  CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED.     

The Jury Commissioner will offer validations once the check in process has completed.  To receive the reduced rate you must request a validation when offered.  If the parking stub is lost the rate will be $11.25 and if the validation is lost the rate will be 1.25 per hour with a maximum of $11.25 per day. 

Do not park in the reserved spaces.

Place the pink shaded portion of the jury summons (located directly underneath the blue "IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ" section) on your dashboard. 

Jurors may park in any UNMETERED parking spaces, but please DO NOT park at parking meters unless you have downloaded the app to add funds to the meter via the app.  We cannot guarantee that jurors will have an opportunity to move their vehicle or add money to the meter.  Parking at a parking meter may result in a parking ticket from the City of Colorado Springs that the Jury Commissioner cannot resolve.


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