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Family Court


Children and Families in Transition Seminar (CFIT)




Required for all divorcing parents and allocation of parental responsibility cases, (in El Paso & Teller Counties), of children between the ages of 0-18, within 45 days of filing and before final orders can be set.





CASA of the Pikes Peak Region provides this class in a classroom setting as well as an online version.  In both, there will be a video shown that highlights the effects of the separation of parents on children and how to reduce negativity and help your child/ren in a proactive and positive manner. There will be an attorney and a mental health professional that will give a brief talk and then answer questions and share insights to help parents through this process.  If you are taking the online class, there is a section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Resources that covers what usually comes up during the in- class question and answer period.





*2nd Wednesday of each month from 5:30 to 7:30 pm

 (PLEASE arrive early.  You will NOT be admitted if you are more than 10 minutes late.)


We also now offer an online class (with Spanish subtitles) that you can take at any time.




In person class takes place at:

270 S. Tejon Street, Room 113 (Jury Assembly Room)

Colorado Springs, CO  80903


To take the online course go to: , click on CFIT Class and then “TAKE THE CLASS ONLINE”

This will redirect you to the payment page and the online course.





There is a $65.00 fee (per person) for both the online and in class seminar.  The in class seminar must be paid in advance of taking the class. Please note:  If you have an attorney, they do not prepay your CFIT fees and you DO NOT have to sign up for a specific date.  Simply pay for the class or show proof of fees waived and you can take the online class or attend any of the in person classes we offer. 




Children are NOT ALLOWED in the class under any circumstances. The items discussed are not appropriate for them to hear. If you bring your children, you will be dismissed and asked to return without your children at a different time. There is no child care for the Wednesday seminars as they are held after business hours.





You may park in the Jury Parking lot on the southwest corner of Cascade and Vermijo. If you choose to park on the street, note that there is no fee for parking meters after 6 pm, however; you will have to provide money to the meter from 5:30 (start of class) until 6: 00.




Language and/or Disability needs and Questions call:  CASA @ 447.9898 ext. 1000 for English or 1025 for Spanish (at least three days are needed to make interpreting arrangements) The online course offers Spanish subtitles.


  1. Your Case number. (paper & pencil provided)

  2. Your on-line receipt if payment was made the day of class.

  3. If your fees are waived, please bring either:

    1. Court signed JDF 206 (Finding and Order Concerning payment of Filing Fees)

    2. JDF 203 Certification of Determination of Indigence (this only applies if you are receiving assistance from Colorado Legal Services).



 Payment must be made prior to the start of class. No payments will be taken during class.

1.       Cash, Money Order or Credit Card Payments will be taken at the CASA Office:    CASA is located at 418 S Weber St Colorado Springs, CO 80903.  CASA office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 to 5:00. When making payments at the CASA Office, you must provide your name and your DR Case Number.

2.       Credit Card Payments on Line: To pay by credit card go to and click on CFIT Class, Take the Class in Person, and scroll down to the CFIT Payment form.  You will need to designate your DR Case number in order to process payment and receive credit.  If payments are made on the day of the class, please bring your receipt to class with you.

3.        To take the online class and pay with a credit card: To pay by credit card and take the class on line, go to , click on CFIT Class, and then Take The Class Online.


 *Any Individual who is receiving assistance from Colorado Legal Services can present a Certification of Determination of Indigence (JDF 203) signed by a Colorado Legal Services attorney to receive a waiver of the CFIT Fees.

*Any individual with a Finding and Order Concerning Payment of Filing Fees (JDF 206) signed by the Court, which waives his/her filing fee is eligible for a waiver of the CFIT fee.

*You may also receive a waiver from CASA.  If you are on Medicaid, Food Stamps, TANF or Colorado Works we just need to see a recent approval letter or a recent recertification letter, proving you are currently receiving assistance for the month you wish to take the class.  We will need to make a copy of this as well as a copy of your ID.

*If you have a waiver or qualify for a waiver  and want to take the online course, please come in to the CASA  office or email and we will review the waiver and if you qualify give you a user name and password to take the course.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call:

CASA of the Pikes Peak Region





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