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IMPACT Alumni Group

IMPACT Alumni Group


The Impact Alumni Group was implemented in January of 2020 to provide individuals exiting, or who have exited, a 4th Judicial District Problem Solving Court Program with a network of support and community to help sustain long-term recovery.  The Impact Alumni group is available to individuals who have been through any of the six Problem Solving Court Programs within the 4th Judicial District to include the following:

  • Recovery Court
    • Healthy Engaged and Living Sober (HEALS) Track
    • Adult Criminal Drug Court (ACDC) Track
  • Domestic Violence (DV) Court
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Court
  • Veterans Trauma Court (VTC)
  • Family Treatment Drug Court (FTDC)
  • Responsible Parenting Program (RPP)- Child Support Court
  • Well Baby Court - Dependency and Neglect Docket 


The Impact Alumni Group is facilitated by alumni members of the 4th Judicial District Problem Solving Courts and is currently overseen by Springs Recovery Connection. The Impact Alumni Group mission and purpose were developed collectively by members of the alumni group. The Impact Alumni Group holds weekly alumni meetings which are open to alumni and individuals in the later phases of a Problem Solving Court program.

 Weekly meetings are held on Mondays at 6:00 PM at Springs Recovery Connection

Springs Recovery Connection, 985 W. Filmore St. Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Visit Impact Alumni Group - Springs Recovery Connection ( for meeting times and topics

In addition to weekly meetings, Impact Alumni offers monthly events to any member (past or present) of the 4th Judicial District Problem Solving Courts and their families. Events may include bar BBQs, outdoor recreation, sporting events, guest speakers, lunches, dinners, etc. Please contact the alumni group facilitators for more information (see contact information below).



The Impact Alumni Group was created to support individuals and graduates of the Fourth Judicial Problem Solving and Specialty Courts. All pathways to recovery are embraced in these support groups and are supported by peer coaches with lived experience. Open discussion in a non-judgmental environment allows participants to share their challenges and their goals.



Impact Alumni Group Contact:

Dominique       720-501-8852

SRC IMPACT Alumni Group

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