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Home Courts By County Logan County Virtual Courtroom
Virtual Courtroom

Logan County Combined Court WebEx Information

To find a scheduled court date and division, click here for Court Docket Search. (Please ensure you have received prior authorization from the court to appear virtually/phone)

If you have an attorney, please contact your attorney before your court date.

Please keep in mind, a virtual courtroom has all the decorum requirements of a physical courtroom:

  • Professional attire is required when appearing in court in person or via video.
  • Be prepared and organized.
  • Keep background noise to a minimum.
  • Be in a location with a strong cellular or internet service.
  • Only one person should talk at a time. Do not interrupt or talk over others.
  • Participate from a location with good overheard lighting and where you can eliminate noise from other sources if in the home (family members, pets, loud appliances, etc.).
  • Your case may not be called right away and may take longer than if you were physically present. Please be patient.


                                   To join a virtual courtroom by WebEx, click on the Judicial Officer's WebEx link


To appear by phone, please dial (415)-655-0001 and enter the meeting number/access code for the assigned judicial officer


Division 1

Access Code/Meeting #

926 960 918

Judge Ray Ann Brammer


Division A

Access Code/Meeting #

920 308 453

Judge Stephanie M. Gagliano


Division C

Access Code/Meeting #

921 232 872

Judge Charles M. Hobbs


Division D

Access Code/Meeting #

928 761 117

Judge Robert C. James


Division E

Access Code/Meeting #

2597 003 3166

Judge Justin B. Haenlein


Division M

Access Code/Meeting #

259 214 825 06

Magistrate Matthew W. Bradley



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