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Pueblo County Mediation Services

What is mediation?

Mediation, in the 10th Judicial District, is an informal, confidential process during which a neutral third party assists litigants in dispute to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement with the goal of resolving litigation.


Mediation …

  • Can be faster – and less expensive -than going to court.

  • Is often less emotionally stressful than going to trial.

  • Is an informative and confidential process.

  • Gives parties a chance to make their own decisions which have been shown to be more durable, resulting in a decrease/elimination of future ligation.

  • Allows parties to be creative, “think outside the box”, to customize agreements that work best for them.

  • Can, in cases involving children, provide a basis to more effectively co-parent and hence, focus on the best interests of the children.

  • Is most successful when parties approach it with an open mind to solutions.


Mediation is not…

  • A time to coerce or force a party to an agreement. All agreements are voluntary.

  • A time to vent anger or other emotional issues.


What is the role of an ODR Mediator?

The mediator is a neutral third party that will identify the issues, focus on solutions, and identify risk and reason to resolve the issues. The mediator does not give legal advice and is not there to impose his/her concept of a “just” resolution on the parties.


How is mediation conducted?

  • The mediator will initially meet with the parties and their attorney to discuss any concerns, confidential information and to define some possible ranges of resolution. The goal of the mediation is to resolve the litigation. Hence, the mediator will pursue the most efficient path toward reaching that goal. We have found meeting individually is

  • generally the most effective, but when appropriate, the parties and the mediator will meet together; as long as both parties agree and in the mediator’s estimation will be productive.

  • A settlement proposal made in a mediation that is not agreed to CAN NOT be disclosed in court. Hence, parties can explore solutions without risk.

  • All agreements are voluntary. No one is forced or coerced into making an agreement.


How is mediation scheduled?

After your case is filed, the Family Court Facilitator or the Court Clerk will schedule your mediation during a docket.


Mediation Costs:

Fees are $120/party for the first two hours. Qualifying parties can have reduced to a $20 co-pay.


For more information, please visit the Office of Dispute Resolution website at, or contact Pueblo's Program Director:

Chad Hessel

Phone: (719) 404-8835; email:


Alternately, mediation can be scheduled by contacting any of the following mediators:

Danita Alderton: (719) 252-3696; email:

Scott Epstein: (719) 334-0204; email:

Maclovio (Mac) Gallegos: (719) 544-1200; email:

Jennifer James: (719) 473-1813; email

Julia Roten-Valdez: (719) 546-8176; email:

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