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Home Careers Career Opportunities Job Details
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Opportunity Information
Opportunity Title: Investigator
Location: Centennial
Department: Colorado State Public Defender
Posted Date: 08/30/2019
Closing Date: 09/20/2019
Contact Information
Name: Olivia Montello
Title: Supervising Investigator
Brief Description

**This is a courtesy posting for the Office of the Colorado State Public Defender**


Full Time entry-level investigator position available in the Arapahoe County Public Defender’s Office. Individual must be highly motivated to help indigent people charged with crimes and driven to not only complete assigned investigative tasks but to excel at assisting in the overall defense of public defender clients. Investigators at this level perform investigative work under the supervision of more experienced investigators and attorneys. Investigators are expected to develop fundamental skills in their performance and become proficient in managing all aspects of their assignments and caseload. Investigators must demonstrate an ability to successfully work with attorneys, clients, colleagues and other legal professionals. Investigators must demonstrate compassion and desire to advocate on behalf of our clients. Investigators at this level must demonstrate an ability to positively receive feedback and to integrate that feedback into their performance. In addition to successfully completing all required trainings, investigators must actively advance their level of performance by seeking additional learning opportunities.  The salary for this position is $4,379 per month.

Bilingual Spanish preferred.

Examples of Duties:

  • Completing all phases of investigation for misdemeanor, juvenile and felony cases, including, but not limited to: locate witnesses and gather records and other information vital to the defense of a criminal case; investigative interviewing; mitigation interviewing; serving subpoenas upon witnesses; writing reports; witness coordination; knowledge and implementation of multimedia, technology, and testifying in court.
  • The ability to take direction from a variety of attorneys and follow instructions. This includes learning, understanding, abiding by and consulting with attorney supervision about all of the professional legal and ethical rules investigators and attorneys must follow in the course of their duties;
  • Strong organizational skills, typing and computer skills, knowledge of technological equipment and transcribing skills are essential to this position.
  • Consistently demonstrated ability and willingness to communicate with clients and clients’ families as requested on behalf of the attorney or part of investigative duties, and to do so with compassion and empathy.
  • The ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines in a high volume caseload.  The ability to maintain motivation, initiative, and a positive attitude when confronted with a high caseload and deadlines.
  • Must consistently seek to increase their knowledge and investigative skills.
  • Must consistently demonstrate a belief in what the Public Defender stands for and a desire to help the poor.

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in criminal justice, social sciences or other degree directly related to the investigative field.


Equivalent education, training or experience that demonstrates the knowledge, skills and competencies required to perform at this level may substitute for education.

Conditions of Employment:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older;
  • No felony convictions;
  • Valid driver’s license, proof of insurance and access to a working vehicle;
  • Must be willing to work non-traditional hours;
  • Ability to travel without limitations

Physical Requirements:

Employees must be able to meet the physical demands of the job, with or without accommodations, which include:

  • Ability to sit for extended periods of time;
  • Ability to transport themselves and their work files to court, jail, investigations and any other place where their physical presence is required;
  • Ability to review all discovery and records, which may include visual depictions of evidence, examining physical evidence, and viewing crime scenes;
  • Ability to lift, move or transport case files which can weigh up to 20 pounds. 

How to Apply:

Submit résumé and cover letter via e-mail outlining reasons for applying with the Public Defender’s Office to:

            Agency:                      Arapahoe Public Defender

            Attention:                   Olivia Montello, Supervising Investigator    


Note: The above job description is intended to represent only the key area of responsibilities; specific position assignments will vary depending on the business needs of the office.

Detailed Job Information
NOTICE! Each person employed must present identity and employment eligibility verification.
NOTICE! Employees hired after March 1, 1988, must be on the payroll direct deposit program.
NOTICE! Disabled applicants: If you have a mental or physical impairment, which limits one of your major life activities (e.g. walking, hearing, seeing, speaking, breathing, or learning) and require special accommodations for testing or interviewing, it is your responsibility to notify the office scheduling the interview or test at least 3 working days before the interview or test date. If you need special accommodations at the work site, you must notify the hiring authority.
NOTICE! All prospective employees of the Colorado Judicial Branch are subject to background investigation prior to hiring.

INFORMATION ALERT: Judicial Department employees may not hold office in a political party, nor may they promote one political party or candidate over another in partisan political elections. Employees may hold not-partisan public office provided that there is no conflict of interest or appearance of impropriety with the duties performed for the Judicial Department. In all cases, it will be within the discretion of the Chief Judge of the judicial district to determine whether such a conflict exists. Employees shall seek the prior approval of the Chief Judge before seeking or assuming any such office. Work related to any office held may not be performed on Judicial Department time. Membership on a board or commission that requires registration or party identification as a qualification is not considered to be partisan political office.
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