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Opportunity Information
Opportunity Title: Child Protection Systems Analyst
Location: Denver
Department: Office of Colorado's Child Protection Ombudman
Posted Date: 08/09/2019
Closing Date: 09/06/2019
Contact Information
Name: Karen Nielsen
Brief Description

**This is a courtesy posting for the Office of Colorado's Child Protection Ombudsman Office**

The Office of Colorado’s Child Protection Ombudsman (CPO) was established to improve the child protection system by serving as a resource to citizens, employing a complaint process for citizens to voice their concerns about child protective services and by making recommendations to the Governor’s Office, Colorado State Legislature and other stakeholders for system improvements.

The salary for this position is $65,000 per year, with benefits.

Position Purpose and Objectives:

The position requires the analyst to engage in various levels of research, analysis and synthesis. First the analyst responds to citizens and stakeholders who have concerns or questions about Colorado’s child protection system. Concerns involve a variety of entities,

including child welfare services, law enforcement, behavioral health and residential facilities. Most of the cases handled by the analyst involve the Colorado Department of Human Services and individual county human services departments. In fulfilling this role, the analyst must collect all relevant information from the contact and review third-party resources that may provide context for the case. These sources may include the Trails child welfare database, law enforcement records and the state court databases. The analyst must utilize the information they gather to determine the proper service to provide contacts. These services range from providing contacts a resource referral to an agency that may be able to help them resolve their case, to identifying possible law or rule violations in how the agency or provider handled a case.

In addition to handling a caseload of individual cases, the analyst is charged with monitoring their cases for trends and identifying any possible systemic issues within the child protection system. The analyst is expected to analyze and track case data so they may provide education and guidance to other CPO staff members working on broader child protection policy. The analyst is also expected to contribute to broader policy initiatives through research and writing on issue and/or policy briefs.

The position requires the analyst to synthesize information and produce various written products. These reports include summaries of cases, letters outlining possible violations of rule and law and reports detailing systemic issues and public policy items. The analyst is expected to write thoughtful and robust drafts and effectively incorporate feedback and edits from other CPO staff.

The analyst will also represent the agency outside of the office at stakeholder meetings, legislative hearings and other events.


The Analyst must have a strong understanding of child abuse and neglect prevention, juvenile justice and behavioral health systems. As such, the applicant must have a strong working knowledge of:

  • Child welfare services;
  • Colorado Department of Human Services’ policies and procedures;
  • Colorado Division of Youth Services’ policies and procedures;
  • Behavioral health systems

Minimal Educational/Professional Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree (minimum requirement)
  2. Minimum 5 years’ professional experience which may include the child protection system, including providing services directly to children and families/and/or working to analyze and improve policy, laws or rules within the child protection system.
  3. Knowledge of the delivery of Colorado’s child welfare services, Division of Youth Services, and behavioral health systems.
  4. Proficient in Outlook and Microsoft Office Suite programs including Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Specialized Knowledge:

  1. Colorado Rules Governing Child Welfare Human Services employees (Volume VII)
  2. Colorado Children’s Code

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Applicant must have excellent verbal communications skills, adhere to deadlines, work collaboratively with CPO staff and maintain an appropriate level of professionalism.
  • Bilingual English/Spanish preferred

How to Apply:

Please email resume and cover letter to:

Karen Nielsen

Office of Colorado’s Child Protection Ombudsman Office

by 5:00 PM on September 6, 2019

*Final applicants will be required to submit a writing sample that demonstrates research and analytical abilities on a substantive topic. Applicants may also be asked to engage in a “real-time” writing exercise that illustrates the applicant’s ability to issue spot and write appropriate summations of issues.

Detailed Job Information
NOTICE! Each person employed must present identity and employment eligibility verification.
NOTICE! Employees hired after March 1, 1988, must be on the payroll direct deposit program.
NOTICE! Disabled applicants: If you have a mental or physical impairment, which limits one of your major life activities (e.g. walking, hearing, seeing, speaking, breathing, or learning) and require special accommodations for testing or interviewing, it is your responsibility to notify the office scheduling the interview or test at least 3 working days before the interview or test date. If you need special accommodations at the work site, you must notify the hiring authority.
NOTICE! All prospective employees of the Colorado Judicial Branch are subject to background investigation prior to hiring.

INFORMATION ALERT: Judicial Department employees may not hold office in a political party, nor may they promote one political party or candidate over another in partisan political elections. Employees may hold not-partisan public office provided that there is no conflict of interest or appearance of impropriety with the duties performed for the Judicial Department. In all cases, it will be within the discretion of the Chief Judge of the judicial district to determine whether such a conflict exists. Employees shall seek the prior approval of the Chief Judge before seeking or assuming any such office. Work related to any office held may not be performed on Judicial Department time. Membership on a board or commission that requires registration or party identification as a qualification is not considered to be partisan political office.
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