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Home Careers Career Opportunities Job Details
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Opportunity Information
Opportunity Title: Case Administrator II
Location: Denver
Department: United States Bankruptcy Court
Posted Date: 11/29/2017
Closing Date: 12/22/2017
Contact Information
Name: Andrea Martinez
Brief Description

****This is a courtesy posting for the United States Bankruptcy Court - District of Colorado****

The position is a full-time permanent position, with a salary range of $39,029 - $63,485 (CL 24) or $43,113 - $70,112 (CL 25), dependent upon qualifications and budgetary restrictions.

Join the United States Bankruptcy Court’s team of energetic, career minded professionals! The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado is accepting applications for the full-time position of Case Administrator II. The Office of the Clerk offers an opportunity for self-motivated individuals with excellent management, interpersonal, automation, and analytical skills with a strong work ethic to launch or continue a career in public service. Our fast paced, prestigious environment consists of
challenging and rewarding work, training opportunities, and the potential for advancement. This position is a member of the Clerk’s Office, for the self-directed Customer Response and Assistance Team with oversight by the Chief Deputy Clerk.

Job Summary:

The Case Administrator manages the progression of bankruptcy cases and related adversary proceedings
cases from opening to final disposition by maintaining the official case records, monitoring the
completion of the required procedural steps, and performing the necessary noticing, administrative and
clerical tasks. On a regular basis, the Case Administrator operates electronic courtroom recording
equipment and conference calls as part of judicial proceedings and provides operational support as

Representative Duties:

  • Informs customers of required fees. Receive payments and issue receipts. Secure funds in cash
    register. Balance cash drawer at the end of the day. Process credit card payments for filed
  • Operate a variety of copying and records equipment. Answer and route incoming calls. Prepare
    case files for tracking records. Assist the public in use of computerized databases. Provide basic
    information to public, bar, and the court. Ensure data quality.
  • Prepare, ship, and retrieve records from the appropriate Federal Records Center. Scan, copy,
    file, pick-up, sort and process mail. Process e-mail received from electronic filers. Maintain the
    mail meter and meter log. Receive and stamp incoming documents. Maintain court files.
  • Reviews initial documents to ascertain time frames and set hearing dates in accordance with
    established court procedures. Checks dates against judges' schedule and advises chambers of
    any conflicts.
  • Makes summary entries on the docket of all documents and proceedings. This includes such
    things as pleadings, petitions, motions, complaints, minutes and orders.
  • Manages cases to ensure timely progression. Ensures that all automated entries are
    appropriately linked, accurately entered and the correct events are used.
  • Makes edits per procedures or Chamber’s requests where modifications are required to docket
    entries as appropriate, to correct errors, etc.
  • When delays are noted in a case, notifies appropriate court staff.
  • Processes case conversions from one chapter to another.
  • Answers inquiries on case status or pending matters.
  • Maintains the mailing system per procedures, which includes addresses of all parties in a case,
    i.e., creditors, attorney, or others.
  • Dockets paper pleadings and provides all quality control checks required by Chambers or Clerk’s office procedures.
  • Notes action on the claims register when orders are signed allowing, denying, reducing, or
    expunging claims.
  • Prepares and processes notices for mailing through the BNC or as otherwise directed.
  • Prepares Minutes of Proceedings and issues orders on Motion for Relief from Stays, Stipulations
    for Turnover and Orders for Administration of Estate in Chapter 7 cases, and any other orders
    and notices as directed by Chambers or Clerk’s office procedures.
  • Receives and reviews reports, accounts, and certifications from trustees and United States
    Trustee regarding estate administration and sets appropriate deadlines or processes each per
    procedures to ensure the case is in the proper status.
  • Prepares cases for closing by such actions as examining files to ensure that all necessary orders
    were entered and proceedings completed, statuses changed, reviewing case files and case
    dockets for accuracy and completeness.
  • Provides significant coverage of electronic recording of court proceedings. Provides significant
    coverage when co-workers are on leave.
  • Provides appropriate work up for Chapter 13 confirmation hearings and plans.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualification Standards for Classification Level 25:

At least one year specialized experience is required with at least one-year experience at Classification
Level 24.

Specialized experience is “hands-on” experience in work directly related to the duties and
responsibilities of the position to be filled and should include experience in applying recurring
procedures and using specialized terminology that demonstrate the ability to apply a body of rules,
regulations, directives, or laws.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of the Bankruptcy Code and Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, local rules and
    procedures concerning the administration and processing of cases and adversary proceedings
    filed under the Bankruptcy Code.
  • Knowledge of the purpose and relevant content of each document or event to make docket
    entries, take the appropriate actions, and make appropriate recommendations to Chambers’
    staff or the courtroom deputy.
  • Knowledge of the interaction of the Bankruptcy judges, the Clerk’s office, the United States
    Trustee, panel trustees, the debtors, and the creditors in the process.
  • Ability to perform a wide variety of tasks on a number of cases at the same time.
  • Skill in the use of the automated systems to include effective use of Case
    Management/Electronic Case Filing (“CM/ECF”) reports for case administration.
  • Skill in utilizing court technologies i.e., scanning, ECRO, Adobe file manipulation and the
    electronic tickle system.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of individuals within and outside the
    judiciary court unit.

The ideal candidate will have experience and qualities as follows: strong customer service and
interpersonal skills and ability to work harmoniously with court staff and the public; ability to work
independently; demonstrated organizational skills and ability to effectively prioritize tasks under strict
deadlines; strong attention to detail; strong analytical skills; strong professional standards; collaborative
and team oriented; able to maintain high levels of confidentiality; flexibility with court coverage,
telework days, duty assignments and desire to learn more and take on projects from Chambers, in
addition to the ability to consistently demonstrate sound ethics and judgment.
Strong bankruptcy knowledge or background, including understanding of local rules, policy is preferred.

How to Apply:

Qualified candidates must submit the following materials:

A resume, typed cover letter describing specialized experience as it relates to the Additional
Qualifications, Representative Duties and the Ideal Candidate sections, and an updated AO-078. The
cover letter should not exceed three pages.

All applicants are required to submit their resume, cover letter and updated AO-078 via email to:
Please note vacancy announcement 2018-03-USBC in the subject line of
the email. Attachments should be submitted as PDF documents. Other formats are not acceptable.

Applicants not submitting required materials timely will not be considered for this vacancy.



Detailed Job Information
NOTICE! Each person employed must present identity and employment eligibility verification.
NOTICE! Employees hired after March 1, 1988, must be on the payroll direct deposit program.
NOTICE! Disabled applicants: If you have a mental or physical impairment, which limits one of your major life activities (e.g. walking, hearing, seeing, speaking, breathing, or learning) and require special accommodations for testing or interviewing, it is your responsibility to notify the office scheduling the interview or test at least 3 working days before the interview or test date. If you need special accommodations at the work site, you must notify the hiring authority.
NOTICE! All prospective employees of the Colorado Judicial Branch are subject to background investigation prior to hiring.

INFORMATION ALERT: Judicial Department employees may not hold office in a political party, nor may they promote one political party or candidate over another in partisan political elections. Employees may hold not-partisan public office provided that there is no conflict of interest or appearance of impropriety with the duties performed for the Judicial Department. In all cases, it will be within the discretion of the Chief Judge of the judicial district to determine whether such a conflict exists. Employees shall seek the prior approval of the Chief Judge before seeking or assuming any such office. Work related to any office held may not be performed on Judicial Department time. Membership on a board or commission that requires registration or party identification as a qualification is not considered to be partisan political office.
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