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Home Bios - William Moller
Home Bios - William Moller
William Moller - 4th Judicial District Judge

Judicial Assistant Info                     

Jordan Rickman:                        719-452-5358


Courtroom Information 

Room number - S305

Located on the Third Floor of the South Tower of the Judicial Complex

270 South Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903


Docket Mix:  The Court’s docket is divided equally between domestic relations and criminal cases.


 Court staff cannot provide legal advice or copies of filings or transcripts. Please direct requests for:


All forms and instructions can be found on the Court website: 


General Division Procedures:

Inclement Weather:  The Court does not close for inclement weather, absent unusual circumstances. If El Paso County buildings are closed, the Courthouse is closed as well.  Otherwise, the Court will conduct business as usual. Parties may contact the El Paso County snowline (719-520-7669) to find out if the Courthouse will be open. On Two-Hour Delays, Division 9 will begin docket at 10:00 AM and will address all hearings originally set at 10:00 am on. Any hearings on the docket before 10:00 AM will require appearance to reset or warrant may issue.


Settings:  Setting are on Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m. and any Notice to Set should be 2 weeks out. Pro-se settings are by telephone by calling Division 9 Judicial Assistants at (719) 452-5358.  If both parties are represented by counsel, the setting will be done via email and parties will be contacted by court staff on setting date.


Criminal Docket Information:


  • The Criminal docket will be held on Thursdays starting at 8:30 AM. The Court expects parties, counsel, GALs and caseworkers to be on time and prepared to address the cases. If the docket day falls on a holiday, appearance on warrants or bond return dates will be held on the following Thursday.
  • Unless excused by the court, defendant is required to appear in person for all dates unless previously authorized to appear remotely. Failure to appear may result in the issuance of an arrest warrant.  It is the defendant’s responsibility to contact his/her counsel for emergencies or requests to appear virtually. Leaving a voicemail for court staff day-of is not a sufficient request to appear virtually or waive appearance and may still result in the issuance of an arrest warrant.  


General Procedures:

WebEx Appearances:  Parties and counsel are to appear via WebEx only if given prior authorization. Appearing on WebEx without authorization may still result in a bench warrant.

All parties are expected to appear by video on WebEx unless authorized to appear via telephone only. All attorneys and parties appearing on WebEx are to be dressed appropriately for court and maintain proper courtroom etiquette, i.e. no eating, no smoking, no pets etc. Parties appearing on WebEx are to remain muted unless asked to unmute when their case is called. Parties not complying with general courtroom etiquette and/or general rules for WebEx procedure may be removed from the virtual courtroom.



Information on how to join Division 9’s WebEx can be found here:

More Information

Division: 9

Phone: 719-452-5358
270 S Tejon
Colorado Springs CO 80903

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