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Home Administration Information Technology Services Technical Services
Home Administration Information Technology Services Technical Services
Technical Services

The Technical Services team maintains over 7,000 devices (e.g., PCs, laptops, printers, scanners, tablets, primary servers, backup servers, disaster recovery servers, etc) for nearly 3,800 Judicial Branch users throughout Colorado. The staff also maintain connectivity of ICON/Eclipse (the court and probation case management system) for thousands of governmental employees in agencies outside the Judicial Branch, and provide links to maintain access for the general public.

The Technical Services team procures, installs, monitors and maintains the telecommunications network for the Judicial Branch in nearly 100 locations throughout Colorado. This support includes the telecommunications hardware at each location as well as monitoring the network circuits to each of these locations. ITS regional technical support personnel serve as a first line of defense for resolving technical issues at the local level.

A major objective is to be more proactive rather than reactive. Many new procedures are being implemented to achieve this objective. This team begins work at 6:00 AM. The goal is to ensure that backups have completed, the telecommunication network is operational, data mirroring to the backup machine, the e-filing vendor and the CICJIS machine is operational, application subsystems are operational, and that the main IBM iSeries is operating at full capacity long before the bulk of court and probation staff show up for work. This team also ensures that the security of the various systems is not compromised, that the integrity of the databases and network is not jeopardized, and that the Judicial Branch’s hardware and software licensing inventories are accurate and complete. Staff work the Customer Support Center phone lines until 6 PM each workday, and are generally available on a 24/7/365 schedule.

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