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Home Administration Probation Services Professional Development Training
Home Administration Probation Services Professional Development Training
Professional Development / Training
The Professional Development Unit, within the Division of Probation Services, is charged with developing and delivering training and technical assistance that will enhance the skills of probation staff through all stages of their career.  In order to meet these needs, training is organized in a way that takes advantage of on the job learning as well as classroom instruction.  Training is progressive and builds on the skills taught from one class to the next.  Probation Supervisors and Chief Probation Officers work with the unit to appropriately match training to the developmental and job assignment needs of each probation officer.  The use and application of evidence based practices is paramount in the different training curriculums offered.  From clerical and support staff to Chief Probation Officers, the Professional Development Unit strives to create a positive learning environment for all staff so that they can effectively manage the day to day operations charged to them by the Courts. 
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