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Home Administration Financial Services Office of Restitution Services
Home Administration Financial Services Office of Restitution Services
Office of Restitution Services

The Office of Restitution Services was created by Senate Bill 22-043 to support victims who are owed court-ordered restitution on traffic, misdemeanor, and criminal cases. The office is here to answer questions related to restitution, collaborate with victim advocacy groups, provide Semi-Annual Restitution Statements to victims upon request, assist with training and education, and provide enhanced communication post-sentencing related to court-ordered restitution. 

Restitution is an order made by the court holding offenders accountable for the financial losses they caused to the victims of their crimes. Restitution is requested through the District Attorney’s office based on a Victim’s Impact Statement. Restitution is a final civil judgment that does not expire. There is no statute of limitations for collecting court-ordered restitution in Colorado.

Our ability to assist victims prior to a court ordering restitution is limited. If you have questions or need more information regarding restitution in a case that has not yet been sentenced, please work with the victim advocate in the District Attorney’s office where the case is being prosecuted. 

Offenders are responsible for paying victims court-ordered restitution through the court. The Collections Program and the Office of Restitution Services work together to see that restitution is paid and that victims have access to up-to-date information. 

Victim information in our system is confidential, therefore we are unable to access case information using a victim’s name. To best serve you, questions or requests should include the victim’s name, offender’s name, case number and county in which the case was sentenced.

Contact the Office of Restitution Services: 

(720) 625-5060

(833) 489-2713



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