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Facilities & Court Security


Colorado’s state court and probation facilities are county-owned.  As a result, considerable cooperation between state and local officials is required to ensure their peak functionality for all users. To help meet this goal, facilities staff within the Financial Services Division (FSD) provide services, technical support, and information for Judicial Branch managers and county officials regarding the planning, design, and construction of new or remodeled court and probation facilities. Services may include assisting in the selection of design professionals and contractors, space planning, conceptual and schematic design, design development, and construction administration. Technical assistance and consultation regarding courthouse security issues, courtroom technology, furnishings, fixtures, and associated equipment can also be provided as needed.

Court Security

County governments are responsible for providing security at state court facilities but the level of funding and services that each county can offer varies greatly throughout Colorado. To address local funding shortfalls, the General Assembly passed Senate Bill 07-118 (codified in Section 13-1-201, et seq., C.R.S.) to create the Court Security Cash Fund Commission (Commission), Court Security Cash Fund (Fund), and an associated grant program. Monies flow into the Fund from legislative appropriations and a surcharge on docket and jury fees for specified civil, criminal, probate, and other court filings and penalties. The State Court Administrator is responsible for awarding grants from the Fund based upon the Commission's recommendations and subject to annual appropriations by the General Assembly. 

The Commission includes seven members from counties across Colorado:

  • Michael Davidson, Chief Judge, 15th Judicial District
  • Peggy Gentles, Court Executive, 14th Judicial District
  • Jaime FitzSimons, Summit County Sheriff
  • Tyler Brown, Arapahoe County Sheriff
  • Lynne Thompson, Saguache County Commissioner
  • Arlan Van Ry, Alamosa County Commissioner
  • Sherry Stwalley, Public Member

Grants provide supplemental funding for ongoing security staffing in counties with the most limited financial resources as well as monies for equipment, training, and emergency security needs. In Fiscal Year 2024, over $2.2 million in annual and emergency grant funding was awarded to eligible counties. 

Grants may be used for the following purposes:

  • Supplemental court security staffing at facilities containing a state court or probation office
  • Security equipment or related structural improvements for facilities containing a state court or probation office
  • Training for local security teams on issues of court security
  • Miscellaneous funding needs associated with issues of court security or security equipment
  • Emergency needs related to issues of court security

Statutes further establish a priority system for awarding grants based first on need and then to fulfill funding requests for personnel costs. Counties seeking need-based grants must meet at least two of the following four criteria to be designated as highest priority for funding: 

  • Total population is below the state median
  • Per capita income is below the state median
  • Property tax revenues are below the state median
  • Population below the federal poverty line is greater than the state median

Fiscal Year 2025 Court Security Grants (July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025) 

  • The application period for this grant cycle closed April 12, 2024. The Court Security Cash Fund Commission will meet on May 17, 2024, to review grant applications and make funding recommendations to the State Court Administrator for Fiscal Year 2025 awards. 
  • If you have questions about the grant application process or need assistance with AmpliFund, please reach out to us! 

Direct any inquiries or questions about Court Security Cash Fund grants to:

Grants Specialist

Office of the State Court Administrator

1300 Broadway, Suite 1200, Denver, Colorado 80203 | 720-625-5841

Special Announcements
  • The Fiscal Year 2024 Emergency Court Security Grant Application period is open.  Apply here.
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