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Home Administration Probation Services Correctional Treatment Board
Home Administration Probation Services Correctional Treatment Board
Correctional Treatment Board

The Correctional Treatment Board is a seven-member statewide board that was created pursuant to HB12-1310.  This legislation consolidated  the statewide substance-abuse treatment funding previously appropriated from the Drug Offender Surcharge cash fund, SB03-318 and HB10-1352  into the Correctional Treatment Cash Fund.  The oversight bodies for each of those funds were consolidated into one statewide oversight board created to manage the disbursement of the treatment funds as well as address policy issues as they pertain to the effective treatment of offenders with substance-abuse and co-occurring disorders.  The statewide board membership is comprised of representatives from:

  • Colorado Department of Public Safety - Joe Thome
  • Colorado Division of Probation Services - Glenn Tapia
  • Colorado Department of Human Services - Jenny Wood  
  • Colorado District Attorney's Council - Beth McCann
  • Colorado State Public Defender's Office - Maureen Cain
  • County Sheriff's of Colorado - Sheriff Jaime FitzSimons
  • Colorado Department of Corrections – Heather Salazar

The legislation also created a local treatment board within each judicial district across the state to act in an advisory capacity to the statewide board.  These local boards have representation from Parole, Probation, Community Corrections, District Attorney, Public Defender, local Sheriff, Drug Court and Juvenile services.

Statewide Board meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month at 710 Kipling Street, 2nd floor conference room unless otherwise noted.  Minutes and other information will be posted here on the website. 

Current Meeting Agenda: November 

November meeting is held via WebEX: Join Meeting


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