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Home Administration Court Services Family Law Programs Resource Library: Juvenile and Family Law
Home Administration Court Services Family Law Programs Resource Library: Juvenile and Family Law
Resource Library: Juvenile and Family Law


                                                                          Family Law Programs-  RESOURCE LIBRARY
                                                 Juvenile and Family Law, Probate Law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution 

As a clearinghouse of community-focused court planning resources, particularly in the areas of juvenile and family law, probate law, and alternative dispute resolution, Judicial Programs  maintains this Resource Library. The library contains print literature, DVD, online resources, and training materials relating to juvenile law, dependency and neglect, foster youth, domestic violence, family law, child support, and probate law.  Judicial Policies, Programs, and Practices does not endorse or promote any outside organizations or agencies responsible for the publication of these resources.

Highlights of Subject Area Available in the Resource Library:
Child Abuse and Neglect  
Divorce and Family Law 
Domestic Violence 
Juvenile Delinquency and Truancy 

Please find here a selection of cases and legislation concerning child welfare, delinquency, domestic and probate issues.  You may read the full text of the bills by selecting the hyperlinked bill number in the left hand column of the document entitled “All Bills” in order to determine the impact of the legislation.  These documents are provided not as legal advice, nor as an official interpretation by the Colorado Judicial Branch, but as the opinions of the named presenters.   

2009 Presentation on Case Law and Legislative Updates
2009 Presentation-Survey of Case Law Pertaining to Colorado Children's Code - January 2008-May 2009 
2009 Bills  

                                                                      STATUTES AND DIRECTIVES
Chief Justice Directives
Civil Protecton Orders: C.R.S. 13-14-101 to 13-14-104
Colorado Juvenile Justice System: C.R.S. 19-2-101 to 19-2-1305
Dependency and Neglect: C.R.S 19-3-100.5 to 19-3-703
Uniform Disolution of Marriage Act: C.R.S 14-10-101 to 14-10-133
Dispute Resolution Act: C.R.S. 13-22-301 to 13-22-313 
Domestic Abuse: C.R.S 14-4-101 to 14-4-107  
Juvenile Court of Denver: C.R.S 13-8-101 to 13-8-126
Office of the Child's Representative: C.R.S 13-91-101 to 13-91-107
Probate Court of Denver: C.R.S. 13-9-101 to 13-9-123
Relinquishment and Adoption: C.R.S 19-5-100.2 to 19-5-403

                                                                          OTHER RESOURCES
Handbook for Families in Dependency and Neglect Cases:  English  Spanish                                                 
Handbook for Colorado Children Who Are Not Living at Home: 
                                                         Age 3-6          English   Spanish
                                                         Age 7-12        English   Spanish
                                                         Age 13-18      English   Spanish

The Kempe Foundation:

American Humane:

                                                                         EXTERNAL WEB LINKS
American Bar Association  
Casey Family Programs  
Child Welfare Information Gateway 
Colorado Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Member Directory 
Colorado Department of Human Services  
Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Elder Law- website, information, and broadcasts  
Kids Are Waiting
National Association of Counsel for Children 
National Resource Center for Family-Centered Practice and Permanency Planning 
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 
National Council for Juvenile and Family Court Judges  
National Court Appointed Special Advocates Association 
Office of the Child's Representative
Pew Commission Study on Children in Foster Care
Rocky Mountain Children's Law Center 
Up to Parents




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