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Home Administration Court Services Interpreters Need an Interpreter?
Home Administration Court Services Interpreters Need an Interpreter?
Need an Interpreter?

Interpreter requests for a court event in a specific district, please directly contact that district's Interpreter's Office  

Managing and Staff Interpreters by Judicial District Directory (downloadable PDF)

District Map


I Need An Interpreter for Court

If you speak limited or no English and are a party or interested person to a case (litigant, defendant, witness, parent, or legal custodian of a juvenile) you have a right to an interpreter during court proceedings at no cost to you. Chief Justice Directive 06-03

Request an Interpreter

Solicite un intérprete 


Rosters of Independent Contractor Interpreters 

Independent Contractor Interpreters: Spanish only

Independent Contractor Interpreters: Languages Other Than Spanish (LOTS)

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