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Home Administration Human Resources EEO & Diversity Plan/EEOP Utilization Report Diversity Programs of Note
Home Administration Human Resources EEO & Diversity Plan/EEOP Utilization Report Diversity Programs of Note
Diversity Programs of Note
New Jersey Judiciary Minority Law Clerk Recruitment Program
New Jersey has a formal minority law clerk recruitment program, the salient features of which include: drawing from a national pool of applicants; active outreach by staff to law schools and minority law student organizations to educate them about clerkship opportunities; participation in legal career fairs and presentations by judges and law clerks designed to specifically attract minorities; maintaining contacts with diversity-focused organizations, such as minority bar associations, who make referrals for clerkship vacancies; and encouraging interning for judges to help law students recognize the benefits of obtaining a clerkship.
New York State Unified Court System—Legal Fellows Program
The Legal Fellows Program is a one-year fellowship for those interested in pursuing a legal career in public service. The fellowship provides a year-long salary with a state employment benefits package to law school graduates from fully-accredited law schools. Legal fellows are assigned work in judicial offices assisting with legal research and writing, and gain valuable experience and knowledge of judicial decision-making and court operations.
U.S. Department of the Interior Diversity Plan entitled “Strategic Plan for Achieving and Maintaining a Highly Skilled and Diverse Workforce FY 2005-2009”
The DOI offers a variety of suggestions for creating a diverse workplace, including: hiring from underrepresented groups in pairs for support; providing relocation/retention bonuses; providing repayment of student loans as incentives; providing mentors; creating accessible office environments to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities; using incentives for hiring a diverse workforce; using a bureau-wide recruitment team; maintaining a highly skilled and trained HR department; and providing education and training about the importance of a highly-skilled and diverse workforce.
U.S. Office of Personnel Management Program entitled “Building and Maintaining a Diverse, High-Quality Workforce—A Guide for Federal Agencies”
Highlights of OPM’s design for an effective diversity program include: ensuring that recruiters and selection officials work closely with Human Resources and EEO staff during the recruitment process; keeping abreast of diversity recruitment sources and organizations and widely publicizing vacancies; communicating OPM’s diversity mission and goals; partnering with diversity-themed organizations and schools with diverse populations for sponsorship, mentoring, tutoring and presentation programs; maintaining a diverse group of recruiters; training those involved with recruiting on appropriate behaviors and techniques, hiring procedures and personnel policies; paying recruitment and relocation bonuses; and establishing work/life initiatives designed to attract women.
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Human Resource and Administration Program on Diversity Management and Equal Employment Opportunity
The VA maintains a five-year plan to ensure the recruitment, retention and promotion of diverse employees. With respect to recruitment, the VA has established national partnerships with organizations that can be a source of candidates from underrepresented groups. Additionally, each administration and staff office level has its own targeted recruitment plan. Finally, the VA operates four national internship programs and two local programs designed to recruit historically disadvantaged candidates.
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