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Home Administration Court Services Problem Solving Courts CO PSC Accreditation Program
CO PSC Accreditation Program

Colorado has a robust and growing problem solving court program that has moved from the experimental stage to implementing proven practices as professionals. As a result, the need has arisen for a system certifying to participants, observers, and the community at large that a given program is a valid Problem Solving Court that demonstrates fidelity to evidence based and proven effective practices. Such a system facilitates assuring quality outcomes, resourcing programs adequately, sustaining programs, accurately evaluating programs, and educating the public about Problem Solving Courts. The stakeholders in Problem Solving Courts across Colorado have developed an accreditation program to facilitate these goals.

If you have any questions regarding the accreditation program, please contact the Colorado Problem Solving Court Team.

For more information about the process, please feel free to view an introductory webinar about the program conducted by the PSC Advisory Committee on February 15, 2017 and Feburary 23, 2017.

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Important Note: the following documents are in draft form, pending final review of the acccreditation program by the PSC Advisory Committee and Chief Justice at the conclusion of the pilot process:

PSC Accreditation Program

Application for Accreditation

Waiver of Accreditation Component 

Outside Links

Application Deadline for Accreditation Pilot:

May 19, 2017

Advisory Committee Review of Applications:

June 9, 2017

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