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Home Administration Court Services Interpreters Locating an Interpreter
Home Administration Court Services Interpreters Locating an Interpreter
Locating an Interpreter


Interpreter Directories

Approved Interpreters working in any language combination for the Colorado Judicial Department are scheduled and paid according to Chief Justice Directive 06-03, as amended in June 2011 (CJD 06-03).

Language Identification

To determine the language that an individual speaks, you may show them the Language Identification Guide. Once their language is identified, a professional interpreter can be contacted to communicate with the individual. These booklets are helpful, but do not include all possible languages. If the individual does not recognize any of the listed entries, try to determine what country the individual is from and then research the languages spoken in that country.

To access more information on a language or country, visit:

Working with a Professional Interpreter or Translator

Interpretation and translation are most successful when all individuals involved know their role and the expectations that they should have of others throughout the process. These resources on working with a professional interpreter or translator will enhance the efficiency of these exchanges.


For more information, you may contact us.

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