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Home Administration Court Services Interpreters Forms for Active Interpreters
Home Administration Court Services Interpreters Forms for Active Interpreters
Forms for Active Interpreters
Approval to Work as an Independent Contract Interpreter

To work as a spoken language interpreter in the Colorado Judicial Department, individuals must be first be approved to work, and must annually update Agreements and other required paperwork. To become a certified or credentialed spoken language interpreter through the training & testing program, or for information on working as an approved interpreter for the Office of Language Access, contact: 

Interpreter Agreements and Annual Renewal Documents

Upon approval, Independent Contract Interpreters may access the required renewal documents through the link below:
Annual Renewal Documents for Spoken Language Independent Contract Interpreters


Payment Forms for Approved Independent Contract Interpreters

Approved and active spoken language interpreters are scheduled to work in the Colorado State Courts by District Managing Interpreters according to the needs of the courts. Interpreters who have completed an approved assignment by a Managing Interpreter may submit payment through an invoice provided at the link below:
Payment of Interpreters

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