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Home Administration Probation Services Evaluation Annual Recidivism Study Reports
Home Administration Probation Services Evaluation Annual Recidivism Study Reports
Annual Recidivism Study Reports

The Judicial Branch’s Division of Probation Services annually prepares a report on recidivism among probationers.  These reports use two definitions of recidivism: one that pertains to pre-release recidivism/failure (while still on probation supervision) and the second pertaining to recidivism post-release (after terminating from probation supervision). These are defined as follows:

 Pre-release recidivism/failure: An adjudication or conviction for a felony or misdemeanor, or a technical violation relating to a criminal offense, while under supervision in a criminal justice program. 

Post-release recidivism: A filing for a felony or misdemeanor within one year of termination from program placement for a criminal offense.

Recidivism Report - FY2023

Recidivism Report - FY2022

Recidivism Report - FY2021  (released from probation FY2020)

Recidivism Report - FY2020  (released from probation FY2019)

Recidivism Report - FY2019 (releases from probation FY2018)

Recidivism Report - FY2018 (releases from probation FY2017)

Recidivism Report - FY2017 (releases from probation FY2016)

Recidivism Report - FY2016 (releases from probation FY2015)
Recidivism Report - FY2015 (releases from probation FY2014)
Recidivism Report - FY2014 (releases from probation FY2013)
Recidivism Report - FY2013 (releases from probation FY2012)
Recidivism Report - FY2012 (releases from probation FY2011)
Recidivism Report - FY2011 (releases from probation FY2010)
Recidivism Report - FY2010  (releases from probation FY2009)

Recidivism Report - FY2009  (releases from probation FY2008)
Recidivism Report – FY2008 (releases from probation FY2007)
Recidivism Report – FY2007 (releases from probation FY2006)
Recidivism Report – FY2006 - Revised January 15, 2007 (releases from probation FY2005)
Recidivism Report – FY2005 (releases from probation FY2004)
Recidivism Report – FY2004 (releases from probation FY2003)
Recidivism Report – FY2003 (releases from probation FY2002)
Recidivism Report – FY2002 (releases from probation FY2001)

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