Colorado State University/Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services
Contact(s): Shay Bright Craig Chesson
Address: 200 Lory Student Center Fort Collins, CO 80523
Phone: 970-231-6882
Organization Objective
The Restorative Justice Program focuses o meeting the needs of the person(s) harmed, restoring the heatlh of the community, reparing the harm doen, and emphasizing that the person(s) who caused the harm can make a contribution to restoring the person(s) harmed and the community. (From Colorado Courts, August 1998).
Type of Organization
Service Adult Juvenile
Community Accountability Boards
Community Healing Services
Community/Family Group Conferences
Family Group Decision Making
Peace Making Circles
Restitution or Restorative Restitution
Restorative Community Services
Restorative Decision Making Classes
Victim Impact Panels
Victim Offender Mediation
Training In House Outside
Conference and Restorative Circle Facilitation
Facilitator Training
Family Group Decision Making
Restorative Justice Awareness
School Awareness, Discipline or Facilitation Training
Volunteer and Community Member Training

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