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Please NOTE: If you wish to contact a probation officer or a probation office for any reason use the “Probation Department” column on the left side of this page. You may then select, by county location, the specific office you wish to reach. The contact information will be available on that site.

The Division of Probation Services, under the Administration column on the right side of the page, does not provide any direct services to individuals on probation or supervision of probation staff. The Division of Probation Services provides administrative support services to the 23 probation departments 

Colorado Probation is committed to Public Safety, Victim and CommunityReparation through Offender Accountability, Skill and CompetencyDevelopment and Services to the Communities of Colorado.

The Colorado Judicial Department administers adult and juvenile probation within Colorado’s 22 judicial districts. This includes 23 probation departments with over 50 separate probation offices throughout the state. The Colorado Probation Statement of Common Ground, listed above, was developed to clearly identify the critical functions that unify all probation departments in carrying out their mission. Probation’s commitment to these practices requires the implementation of innovative approaches to offender assessments, supervision, victim involvement and services to the community. These probation departments strive to meet every part of the Statement of Common Ground on a daily basis.



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