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Water Division Four - Gunnison River Basin
1 J. Steven Patrick
Chief Judge/Water Judge

Gunnison County Courthouse
200 E Virginia
Gunnison, CO 81230

Phone: 970 641-3500
Email: Email this Office
2 Charles R. Greenacre
District Court Judge/Alt. Water Judge

Delta County Courthouse
501 Palmer Street No. 338
Delta, CO 81416

Phone: 970-874-4306
3 S. Gregg Stanway
Water Referee

Montrose County Justice Center
1200 N. Grand Ave. Bin A
Montrose, CO 81401

Phone: 970-252-4334
Email: Email this Office

4 Jodi A. Hanson
Clerk of Court/Water Clerk

Montrose County Justice Center
1200 N. Grand Ave., Bin A
Montrose, CO 81401

Phone: (970) 252-4336
Fax: (970) 252-4309
Email: Email this Office

5 Darleen Cappannokeep
Water Court Specialist

Montrose County Justice Center
1200 N. Grand Ave. Bin A
Montrose, CO 81401

Phone: 970-252-4335
Email: Email this Office
General Information

The Water Court Division 4 is a specialized court division within the Montrose Combined Court.  The Water Judge is in Gunnison and travel around the district to hear water matters as required.  The Water Referee handles water matters in the first instance and work closely with the Division Engineer from the Department of Natural Resources Divisoin of Water Resource  The Court is staffed by the Clerk of Court from staff allocated for the administration of the caseload in the courts in Montrose.  The Water Court is located in the Montrose Combined Court Clerks Ofice at the Montrose County Justice Center.  The Water Clerk assigned to the Court can provide assistance with matters related to the filing procedures in water related matters but shall not provide legal advise.  

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