Attorney Regulation Advisory Committee of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court Advisory Committee was established as a permanent committee of the Court by C.R.C.P. 251.34. Its purpose, generally stated, is to assist the Court with administrative oversight of the attorney regulation system.

The responsibilities assigned to the committee are set forth in Rule 251.34 (b). Those provisions direct the committee to:

  • Review the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of the Court’s attorney regulation system including that of the Presiding Disciplinary Judge and peer assistance programs and report its findings to the Supreme Court;
  • Review the resources of the system for the purpose of making recommendations to the Supreme Court; and,
  • Periodically report to the Supreme Court on the operation of the Advisory Committee.


Members of the Committee

Nancy L. Cohen, Esq.

Cynthia F. Covell, Esq.

Mac V. Danford

Steven K. Jacobson, Esq.

David C. Little, Esq.

Cheryl Martinez-Gloria, Esq.

Barbara A. Miller

Richard A. Nielson, Esq.

Henry R. Reeve, Esq.

Alexander R. Rothrock, Esq.

David W. Stark, Esq. (Chair)

Daniel A. Vigil, Esq.

Brian D. Zall, Esq.

Non-Voting Participants

Honorable Nathan B. Coats (Supreme Court Justice)

Honorable Monica M. Márquez (Supreme Court Justice)

 Honorable William R. Lucero (Presiding Disciplinary Judge)

John T. Baker, Esq. (Director, Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program)

 James C. Coyle (Attorney Regulation Counsel)

 Barbara Ezyk, Esq. (Executive Director, Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program)

 Christine A. Markman, Esq. (Supreme Court Staff Attorney)

 Matthew A. Samuelson, Esq. (Chief Deputy Regulation Counsel)

James S. Sudler, Esq. (Chief Deputy Regulation Counsel)


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