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Court Appointed Counsel-Please see Special Announcements for Fiscal Year 2015 Information and Application forms ====>

4th Judicial District Attorney's Office

El Paso County Judicial Building
270 S. Tejon
P.O. Box 2980
Colorado Springs CO 80901
Phone: 719-452-5000
Picture of El Paso County Judicial Building
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Teller County Courthouse
101 W. Bennett Avenue
P.O. Box 997
Cripple Creek CO 80813
Phone: 719-689-2574
Fax: 719-686-8000
Email: Email This Location
Picture of Teller County Courthouse
Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Local Courts In:
El Paso County
Teller County
Special Announcements

Court Appointed Counsel Applications are now being accepted for Mental Health, Respondent Parent and Truancy matters.  Please see below for important information, application forms and deadlines:

Mental Health Posting /userfiles/file/Court_Probation/04th_Judicial_District/El_Paso/FY2015%20CAC/FINAL%20FY15%20Posting%20MH%20flat%20fee.pdf

Mental Health Application  form/userfiles/file/Court_Probation/04th_Judicial_District/El_Paso/FY2015%20CAC/FINAL%20FY15%20Application%20MH%20Flat%20Fee.doc

Respondent Parent Posting /userfiles/file/Court_Probation/04th_Judicial_District/El_Paso/FY2015%20CAC/FINAL%20FY15%20Posting%20RPC%20Flat%20fee.pdf

Respondent Parent Application form /userfiles/file/Court_Probation/04th_Judicial_District/El_Paso/FY2015%20CAC/FINAL%20FY15%20Application%20RPC%20flat%20fee.doc

Truancy Posting /userfiles/file/Court_Probation/04th_Judicial_District/El_Paso/FY2015%20CAC/FINAL%20FY15%20Posting%20TR%20flat%20fee.pdf

Truancy Application form /userfiles/file/Court_Probation/04th_Judicial_District/El_Paso/FY2015%20CAC/FINAL%20FY15%20Application%20TR%20flat%20fee.doc

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