Procedures for Setting Cases in Jefferson County

Each division has specific times during which the clerk is usually available for notices to set. Please see day and time information.

The rules for setting cases are found at CRCP Rule 121, Section 1 – 6.

The notice to set should specify the type of hearing being set and the amount of time required.

The court requires the statutory 10 day notice for a notice to set. The rule also applies to notices that are e-filed.

Clerks do not coordinate dates with opposing counsel – that is the responsibility of the party setting the matter. The division clerk will provide a selection of dates and times for the setting. Once the date is confirmed with all parties, the setting party must notify the court of the date selected.

The setting party will be asked to send a notice of hearing to all parties.

A notice to set is required to set a status conference.
• Both parties represented by counsel - set with assigned Judge
• One party represented by counsel - set with assigned Magistrate
• Neither party represented by counsel - set with Domestic Court Facilitator

To set a Rule 69 Hearing, please supply either a notice to set or a cover letter indicating when you will call and include the appropriate fee.

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