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Home Courts Denver Probate Court About the Court Quarterly Newsletters
Quarterly Newsletters

May 2008

Inside the May 2008 issue:

  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Employee Spotlight - Linda Riggle
  • The Role of Colorado Courts in Addressing Mental Health Issues
  • Child Support in the Denver Probate Court
  • Pro Bono Program
  • What is Denver Probate Court up to During the Democratic National Convention Week?
  • Appointments as Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)
  • Conservatorship Training
  • “Diggin’ Up Bones”
  • Volunteer Opportunity with DHS

February 2008

Inside the February 2008 issue:

  • Uniform Non-Appearance Policies and Procedures to be Clarified and Implemented Statewide
  • Conservatorship Training
  • Employee Spotlight - Lee Cole
  • Valentine's Day "Death by Chocolate"
  • New Forms and Document Types in Protective Proceedings
  • DPC Implements CLE Credit Program for Uncompensated Pro Bono Representation
  • The Electronic Presentation of Exhibits at Trials
  • Heaven Frazier Completes Internship with Denver Probate Court

November 2007

Inside the November 2007 issue:

  • Electronic Presentation of Exhibits
  • The 9th Annual Colorado Court Employee Conference
  • Employee Spotlight - Susie Jordan
  • Electronic Evidence
  • Fall Brings a New Law Clerk
  • E-filing Tips
  • Notice Issues
  • What's New at DPC

August 2007

Inside the August 2007 issue:

  • Best Practices and Non-Appearance Hearings
  • Redaction
  • Does the Denver Probate Court Accept Deposited Wills?
  • Employee Spotlight - Teresa Toomey
  • Denver Probate Court and Milestones
  • Not Everyone You Work with is Using the Same Version (OfficeXP, Office 2003, Office 2007)
  • Denver Probate Court is Going Green

May 2007

Inside the May 2007 issue:

  • Linda Pero Retires
  • Changes to PI Settlements
  • How to Setup a Registry Account
  • DPC, Denver Dept of Human Services and Rocky Mtn Children’s Law Center doing what is best for Children
  • DPC’s Reporting System Regarding Involuntary Commitments of State and National Authorities
  • The Denver Probate Court Takes Seriously the Issue of Attorney Withdrawals

January 2007

Inside the January 2007 issue:

  • Farewell to Myra Warren
  • Court Visitor Training Session
  • The documentation in the “document title” is very much appreciated
  • Original Will Missing?
  • Heirship (with chart)
    E-Court Conference, 2006
  • Court Appointed Attorneys and Denver Health Medical Center
  • Instructions for Attorneys wishing to request release of Appeal Bonds
  • Electronic Filing
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