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Home Courts Court of Appeals Oral Arguments
Court of Appeals Oral Arguments
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January 2015

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January 2015

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January 28, 2015 13CA2230 Monell v. Cherokee River
14CA0037 Winding River v. Snowstorm Sand
14CA1021 Three Forks v. ICAO
January 27, 2015 13CA1075 Oldham v. Pedrie
13CA1641 People v. Berry
13CA1932 Denny v. Train
13CA2204 Ranch O v. Colo Cattlemen's
13CA2243 Colo Dept of Public Health v. Colo Citizens
13CA2252 & 13CA2322 Mountain Medical v. Redfoot
January 21, 2015 12CA1817 People v. McMorris
13CA1781 Lorson Ranch Metro Dist v. Rice & Rice
13CA1791 People v. Singleton
13CA1907 First National Bank of Durango v. Lyons
14CA0029 Workplace Lofts v. New Providence
January 14, 2015 11CA0847 People v. Paulsen
13CA2187 Kinder Morgan v. Montezuma Cnty Bd of Comm
14CA1381 People In Interest of D.J.H.
January 13, 2015 12CA1642 People v. Keith
12CA2278 People v. Nutter
13CA1407 French v. Evans
13CA1430 Smith v. SSC Pueblo Belmont
13CA1442 People v. Boyd
13CA1580 Creager Mercantile v. Colo Dept of Revenue
13CA1614 Dempsey v. Denver Police Dept
14CA0024 People In Interest of K.A.O.
14CA0367 GE Capital v. Wattles Real Estate
14CA1257 Gonzales v. ICAO
January 06, 2015 10CA1937 People v. Sandoval
12CA0891 People v. Hofer
12CA1990 People v. Pilgrim
13CA1811 Hanieh v. Hassan
14CA1140 McTaggart-Kerns v. ICAO

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