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February 26, 2015

This is a preliminary list subject to change at the Court's discretion

P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

12CA0066 People v. Terrance Wilder

12CA0703 People v. Ismael Casillas

13CA0098 People v. Roger Julius Glover

13CA0200 People v. Chaddrick Levil Thomas

13CA1900 People In the Interest of E.G.,

13CA1907 First National Bank of Durango v. William S. Lyons, Jr.

13CA2204 Ranch O, LLC v. Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust

13CA2230 Ryan Monell v. Cherokee River, Inc.

U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

09CA2306 People v. Trenton Jarvis Stone

10CA2225 Pueblo del Sol v. Legacy Bank

11CA1033 People v. Daniel Rigg

11CA2313 People v. Juan Lorenzo Johnson

11CA2607 People v. Burnell Darryl Peppers

11CA2608 People v. Burnell Darryl Peppers

12CA1418 People v. Sarah E. Meier

12CA1852 People v. Sterling Link

12CA2169 People v. Robert Turner

13CA0878 People v. David Ingmire,

13CA0961 Leon A. Stor v. Lotus Concept Corporation

13CA1102 Park and Cart Service Company v. Safeway Inc.

13CA1373 People v. Antonio Soliz Martinez

13CA1398 People v. Fabian Valdez

13CA2210 People v. Ernest T. Seadin

13CA2213 Timothy Patrick Sullivan v. Colorado Department of Revenue

13CA2250 Marriage of Page

13CA2336 Marriage of Paige

14CA0036 Marriage of Mulik and Riedl

14CA0193 Stacy Paskiewicz v. Progressive Direct Insurance

14CA0830 Scott Day v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

14CA1038 Parental Responsibilities of J.I.G-T., a Child

14CA1091 Marriage of Chambers

14CA1199 People In Interest of J.L.D.B.B., and A.E.Y., Children



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