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April 2013

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April 23, 2013 12CA1013 Berenson v USA Hockey
12CA1025 Aspen at Streamside v Highland PUD
12CA1231 Farmers Ins v Shelter Mutual Ins
April 22, 2013 08CA0738 People v Valles
11CA1143 People v Grimes (unavailable)
12CA0402 Foster v KTA-Tator (unavailable)
12CA0872 Deutsche Bank v Samora
12CA1075 Wood v C&C of Denver (unavailable)
12CA1618 Town of Milliken v Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Onshore
April 17, 2013 11CA0504 & 11CA0505 Soaring Eagles v Kirkpatrick Bank
11CA0615 Brannan Sand & Gravel v Cnty of Gilpin (part 1)
11CA0615 Brannan Sand & Gravel v Cnty of Gilpin (part 2)
11CA1075 People v Pfau
11CA2532 In re Support of J.A.R.
12CA1250 Plains Metro Dist v Ken-Caryl Ranch Metro Dist
April 16, 2013 09CA2386 People v White
11CA2436 Lloyd v Rosenberger
12CA0653 Elk Falls v Dunwody
12CA0797 Meza v ICAO (partial recording)
12CA1516 Noreen Enterprises v ICAO
April 15, 2013 12CA0156 & 12CA0157 Smith v Kinningham
April 09, 2013 10CA0147 People v Walker
11CA0156 La Plata Mountain Resources v Hutchins
11CA1074 People v Benitez
12CA0596 Evans v BCB Propt LLC
April 08, 2013 12CA0827 & 12CA1077 C&C of Denver v JA Walker
April 03, 2013 10CA1330 People v Sartain
10CA2453 People v Oslund and 12CA0603 Fields v State Farm (held at DU Law School)
10CA2670 People v Gilbert
12CA1034 Mountain-Plains v Parker Jordan
April 02, 2013 10CA0466 People v Moore-Vivour (part 1)
10CA0466 People v Moore-Vivour (part 2)
10CA0587 People v Perez and 12CA0293 Mitchell v Regents of Univ of Colo (held at CU Law School)
12CA0955 Dunlap v CDOC
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