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March 2012

Audio Files
March 28, 2012 11CA0777 RTD v Lisa & Tom Enterprises
11CA0918 Miller v Dept of Public Safety
March 27, 2012 10CA1625 & 10CA2514 Davis v Guideone Mutual (partial recording)
11CA0640 Berumen v Dept of Human Serv
11CA0683 Slater Numismatics v Driving Force
11CA0720 Town of Greenwich v Jacobson (partial recording)
11CA1240 Herrera v Gendron
March 26, 2012 10CA1157 Board of Morgan County Commissioners v Kobobel
10CA1562 & 11CA0509 Castle v LT Builders
March 21, 2012 11CA0088 Freedman v Resort Custom Builders
March 20, 2012 10CA2430 People v Baldwin
11CA0633 Marlow v Allianz Life Insurance
11CA0930 Gleason v Judicial Watch
March 19, 2012 11CA0134 SDI Inc v Pivotal Parker Commercial
11CA0937 Bailey v Willison
11CA0941 People In Interest of MC
11CA1599 Saeed v Old Republic and 08CA2439 People v Green (held at CU Law School)
March 14, 2012 10CA1145 People v Daniels
11CA0438 Skip Masters Inc v Fritz
11CA0917 Bonidy v Vail Valley Center
11CA0935 SW v Towers Boat Club
March 13, 2012 06CA2655 People v Cox
08CA2329 People v Childress
09CA1890 Reyher v State Farm Mutual Auto Ins Co
11CA0591 In Re Marriage of: Corenman
11CA0636 OZ Architecture v Freedman-Glenwood
11CA0905 American Family v Juarez
11CA1046 TCD Inc v American Family Mutual
March 12, 2012 08CA1762 People v Hostetler
10CA2369 People v Montanez
11CA1323 Peoples National Bank v Grot Cimarron LLC
March 06, 2012 10CA1069 Hiner v Johnson (trial case)
10CA1846 Hiner v Johnson (writ of attachment case)
11CA0523 Fisher v Dallas Creek Water Co
11CA1259 Youngs v ICAO
March 05, 2012 08CA1291 People v Lamberth
11CA0219 In Re Marriage of: Miller
Oral Argument Schedule
April 2012

Audio Files
April 25, 2012 11CA0123 & 11CA0864 Melssen v Auto Owners
11CA0368 Oster v Baack
11CA1361 Hendricks v Allied Waste
April 24, 2012 09CA2681 People v Taylor
11CA0094 C&C Excavationg v Whaley
11CA0462 Radcliff Propt v City of Sheridan
11CA0896 SourceGas Dist v Bitter Creek Pipelines (partial recording)
11CA1657 Goodman Assoc v Winter Quarters
April 23, 2012 10CA0319 People v Flores
11CA0124 Stodghill v Pelner
April 17, 2012 08CA2013 People v Phillips
08CA2148 People v Krueger
10CA2638 Colo Pool Syst v Scottsdale Ins Co
10CA2668 Kumpe v Shanahan
11CA0093 & 11CA0125 & 11CA0126 Schuessler v Wolter
11CA0125 & 11CA0126 & 11CA0093 Schuessler v Pinnacol Assurance
11CA0498 Buehler v Kohls
11CA0749 People v Harrell
April 16, 2012 09CA2365 People v Avila (partial recording)
11CA0064 & 11CA0202 Colo Ethics Watch v Clear The Bench Colo
11CA0569 In Re Marriage of: Boreing
April 13, 2012 10CA1930 In Re Marriage of: Nowell
April 11, 2012 06CA1525 People v Lam
11CA1047 McCambridge v Mullette
April 10, 2012 09CA1946 People v Blanket
09CA2530 People v White
11CA0744 & 11CA2317 Zeke Coffee v Pappas-Alstad
11CA0893 In Re Marriage of: Paige
11CA0950 People v Kovacs
11CA0991 In Re Estate of: CR
11CA1080 In Matter of: Mieka Corp
11CA1249 Chase v Colo Oil & Gas
April 09, 2012 09CA2727 People v Fisher
10CA2384 Gallery Homes v Terracon Consultants
11CA0823 Silva v Wilcox
11CA1777 Zerba v ICAO
April 04, 2012 11CA0508 St John's Church v Scott & 09CA2304 People v Webster (held at DU)
April 03, 2012 09CA1179 People v Martinez
10CA2559 Freedom from Religion v Hickenlooper
11CA0727 Rost v Atkinson
11CA0894 Garcia v Chipotle
11CA1017 Cascade Public Serv v City of Colorado Springs
Oral Argument Schedule
August 2012

Audio Files
August 29, 2012 10CA1999 People v Bowers
11CA2078 BSLNI v Russ T Diamonds
11CA2193 Young v Jefferson Cnty Sheriff
12CA0771 Parental Responsibilities of MW
August 28, 2012 09CA0470 People v Johnson
10CA1369 People v Johnson (unavailable)
11CA0007 People v Jackson
11CA1919 Giuliani v Jefferson Cnty Bd of Comm
11CA2135 People v Aguilera-Pimentel (unavailable)
11CA2493 MKBS v ICAO
August 27, 2012 09CA0572 People v Martinez
10CA0736 People v Garcia
11CA1403 Legro v Robinson
August 21, 2012 08CA0105 People v Banks (unavailable)
10CA1974 People v Fisher (unavailable)
11CA0042 Bonnell v Greenwood (unavailable)
11CA0157 Marrota v 1200 Vine Condo (unavailable)
11CA1369 Casias v G&S Oil (unavailable)
August 20, 2012 08CA2039 People v Moore
11CA0448 Marriage of O'Brien
11CA0915 Gray Fox Office v Gray Fox Inv
August 17, 2012 11CA1048 Willoughby v Pavot
August 15, 2012 11CA1869 Nestor v Prater
12CA0649 People In Interest of OC
August 14, 2012 11CA1264 Fitzpatrick v Handler
11CA1976 Progressive Casualty v Moore
11CA2129 Ball Aerospace v City of Boulder
11CA2339 Hertz Corp v ICAO
12CA0528 People In Interest of AEW, ACM
August 13, 2012 09CA1325 People v Midyette
11CA1309 Moran-Butler v ICAO
August 08, 2012 11CA1825 Stulp v Schuman
August 07, 2012 08CA2394 People v Nuss
09CA2683 People v Moncada-Medrano
11CA1634 Sandoval v State Bd of Dental Examiners
11CA2405 Colo Common Cause v Gessler
11CA2452 Archangel Diamond v Lukoil
August 06, 2012 11CA1006 Parental Responsibilities of DT
11CA1090 Griffin-Hadden Propt v Bd of Cnty Comm of Moffat
11CA1951 People In Interest of KW
11CA1977 Wright v Am Family Ins
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