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Judges of the Court of Appeals
The Colorado Court of Appeals, located in Denver, has 22 judges. One is chief judge. The court sits in panels of three to hear cases. Assignments to these panels are made by the chief judge.

Click on the name of a judge below to view a picture and biography.

Chief Judge Alan M. Loeb 720-625-5305
Judge Daniel M. Taubman 720-625-5200
Judge James S. Casebolt 720-625-5330
Judge John Daniel Dailey 720-625-5340
Judge John R. Webb 720-625-5345
Judge Dennis Graham 720-625-5205
Judge Robert D. Hawthorne 720-625-5350
Judge Gilbert M. Roman 720-625-5325
Judge David Furman 720-625-5310
Judge Steve Bernard 720-625-5240
Judge Diana Terry 720-625-5320
Judge Jerry N. Jones 720-625-5335
Judge Nancy J. Lichtenstein 720-625-5220
Judge Richard L. Gabriel 720-625-5227
Judge David J. Richman 720-625-5315
Judge Gale T. Miller 720-625-5210
Judge Laurie A. Booras 720-625-5215
Judge Terry Fox 720-625-5245
Judge Stephanie Dunn 720-625-5235
Judge Anthony J. Navarro 720-625-5000
Judge Karen M Ashby (720) 625-5000
Judge Michael H. Berger 720-625-5000

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