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 AVAILABLE July 31, 2014


Opinions for cases listed on this document are subject to modification or withdrawal at the discretion of the court.


P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S


10CA1620 People v. Francesca V. Marciano

11CA2177 People v. Eric Edward Pifer

11CA2257 People v. Isaac K. Aryee,

12CA2308 People v. Bruce Joseph Nozolino

13CA0632 Marriage of Roddy and Morelli

13CA0801 Anthonia Idowu v. Colo Dept of Personnel and Administration

13CA1812 People In Interest of J.S.R.


U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S


10CA1042 People v. Thomas Edward Burghardt

10CA1553 People v. Matthew Joseph Guevara

10CA2540 People v. Mickeal Paul Lucero

11CA1297 People v. Clarence Frazier Banks, III

11CA1499 People v. Amel Olier

11CA1742 People v. Mark Vincent Young

11CA2176 People v. Cordell Dominick Robinson,

11CA2411 People v. Neil D. Bouvart

12CA0110 People v. Tomas Angel Rodriguez

12CA0684 People v. Alexander Lorenzo Stanley

12CA0845 People v. Russell Paul Bundy

12CA0972 People v. Randall Maestas

12CA1526 Donald G. Brewer Revocable Trust v. Bonnie S. Bell

12CA1530 People v. Brenda S. Wiley

12CA1588 People v. Faso Feru Frazier

12CA1873 People v. Christopher A. Crawford

12CA2025 People v. James Albert Dardano

12CA2461 People v. Stanford Jacob Simmons

12CA2462 People v. Stanford Jacob Simmons

12CA2563 Marriage of Compton and Greene

13CA0007 People v. Preston Michael Cousett

13CA0507 Philip E. Stetzel v. Colo Dept of Corrections

13CA0664 People v. Woodie Mack Ashfield

13CA0743 Parental Responsibilities of D.T.M., a Child

13CA1105 Maria Montoya v. Denver School District No. 1

13CA1353 Christina Toledo v. University of Colorado

13CA1362 In re Support of A.S. and A.S., Children

13CA1395 Colo Dept of Public Health and Environment v. Vernon L. Dalke

13CA1437 Marriage of Canfield

13CA1571 Zia Properties v. TRU 2005 RE I

13CA1631 Charles M. Meyers v. Dish Network Services

13CA1780 Marriage of Spence and Sophir

13CA1925 People v. Kyle Joseph Johns

14CA0891 People In Interest of Corena Shelton

14CA0958 People In Interest of Warren Bell

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