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 AVAILABLE July 24, 2014


Opinions for cases listed on this document are subject to modification or withdrawal at the discretion of the court.


U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S


09CA1693 Peo v. Lopez, Jr.

10CA2681 Yacht Club, Delaney, and Duncan v. Town of Dillon

11CA2468 Peo v. Cumby

11CA2506 Peo v. Adams

11CA2507 Peo v. Adams

11CA2508 Peo v. Dominguez

11CA2578 Peo v. Armelino

12CA0843 Peo v. Trujillo

12CA1031 Peo v. Gray

12CA1170 Peo v. Shelton

12CA1334 Peo v. Chavez, Jr.

12CA2070 Peo v. Briggs

12CA2377 Peo v. Zepeda

12CA2458 Peo v. Gonzalez-Lopez

12CA2528 Peo v. Duran

12CA2584 Peo v. Lynch

12CA2649 Peo v. Atkins

13CA0149 Flannery v. 21st Century Security Insurance, f/k/a AIG Insurance

13CA0157 Peo v. Maestas

13CA0337 Marriage of Johnson

13CA0511 Emily Ramirez, Individually and as Mother and Next Friend of Alejandro Ramierz, Child v. Tyler Hadden

13CA0702 Peo v. Petschow

13CA1041 Law Offices of Stuart A. Kritzer v. Knight and GE Group Life Assurance, n/k/a Sun Life and Health Ins

13CA1221 Brachfeld, d/b/a Meadowlark Herald v. Bd of Cnty Commissioners of Elbert Cnty

13CA1225 Peo v. Hoyer

13CA1277 Parental Resp of I.M.E.-L., and Conc Lawson and Eckard

13CA1352 Denver v. Carothers and Career Svc Bd of Denver

13CA1444 Minturn and Minturn v. Definitive Renovations and Taylor

13CA1632 Peo v. Creeden

13CA1676 Lamar v. Hickenlooper

13CA1872 Westerman v. Colo Dept of Rev, Div of Mtr Vehicles; Dixon; and Brohl

13CA2251 Peo v. Childs

13CA2326 Hardesty v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office and Don’s Oilfield Svcs

14CA0290 Vigil v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office and A Plus Kids

14CA0344 Pelz v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office and Dillon Companies

14CA0429 Krneta v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office and Telefund

14CA0496 Peo In the Interest of A.J.M., Child, and Conc D.A.M.

14CA0608 Sage v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office and USAA Financial Planning Network

14CA0778 Lindsey v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office and Lockheed Martin

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