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 AVAILABLE April 24, 2014


Opinions for cases listed on this document are subject to modification or withdrawal at the discretion of the court.


P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S


09CA1351 People v. Jason Lee Lane

09CA2717 People v. Leo J. Cisneros

10CA2488 People v. Marvin Lee Richardson

11CA1456 People v. Anton Paul Dutton

12CA0430 People v. Franklin Alfred Notyce

12CA0801 People v. Donald Roy Lucero

12CA1664 People v. Anthony Louis Paglione

13CA0285 Qwest Corporation v. City of Northglenn

13CA0750 People v. Jeremiah Nathanial Houston

14CA0105 People In Interest of Larry Wayne Marquardt


U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S


09CA1907 People v. Garry W. Martin

10CA2487 People v. Carlos Reyes

11CA1282 People v. Francisco Sanchez

11CA2363 People v. Jose Ramiro Paez

11CA2416 People v. David Mario Griego

12CA0104 People v. Terry Wayne Evans

12CA0439 Marriage of Armstrong

12CA1137 People v. Joseph Dean Hamilton

12CA1428 K2D, Inc. v. Gavin Kaszynski

12CA2020 Marriage of Brigham and Papilion

12CA2319 Oloyea D. Wallin v. Doug Roberts

12CA2549 People v. Charles Woodward

12CA2650 U.S. Bank v. Regina M. Holder

13CA0144 People v. Alfred L. Montano

13CA0379 People v. Marquell Lamont Terrell

13CA0403 Marriage of Anderson and Burkey

13CA0586 People v. Jesse Lee Wilkinson

13CA0907 William L. Coyle v. Colo State Bd of Assessment Appeals

13CA1125 People v. Ralph Nunn

13CA1292 People In Interest of A.L.

13CA1973 People In Interest of E.R., a Child

13CA2032 People In Interest of M.P., D.P., and X.P., Children

13CA2125 People In Interest of A.S., a Child

13CA2206 People In Interest of G.S., a Child


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