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 AVAILABLE April 10, 2014


Opinions for cases listed on this document are subject to modification or withdrawal at the discretion of the court. 


P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S


12CA1223 People v. Kelvin A. Washington

12CA1648 People v. Raymond L. Marshall

12CA2513 Janice Eder, Conservator for Phillip Delluomo v. Brenda Cedarblade

13CA0375 Wesley Marymee v. Exec Dir of CDOC & Warden of Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility

13CA1090 Christie Robinson v. Ignacio School District

13CA1854 People In the Int of M.C.S., a Child, and Conc C.S.

13CA2080 David C. Hoskins v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office


U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S


10CA0169 People v. Denise Lynne Presson

10CA0735 People v. Johnny L. Harlan, a/k/a Amadeus L. Harlan

10CA0941 People v. Rudolph Mark Garcia

10CA1586 People v. Robert Thompson

10CA2613 People v. Jermaine D. Taylor

11CA0848 People v. Sheretta Bell Murray

11CA1405 Ananda Marga, Inc. et al v. Acharya Vimalananda Avadhuta, et al

11CA1662 People v. Stephen Edward Riggs

11CA2044 People v. Mauricio Tony Porras

11CA2253 People v. Stefan Cain Marsh

12CA0098 People v. Sharon Lynn Nelson

12CA0109 People v. Jesse Zachary

12CA0214 People v. Ismael Villegas-Marquez

12CA1097 People v. Patrick S. Keen

12CA1300 Parental Resp Conc D.J.B., Jr., a Child, and Conc M.B.S., and D.J.B, Sr.

12CA1629 Vanessa Murphy v. A Caring Doctor, d/b/a Banfield, Roger Patten Andreason and Colo Dog Academy

12CA2241 People v. Gary Lee Sherbet

12CA2289 People v. William J. Hunsaker, Jr.

12CA2444 People v. Damian Jordan Campos

13CA0027 People v. Stephen Martinez

13CA0056 Sharon Skinner v. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Jeffrey Edward Cox

13CA0189 Marriage of Merkel

13CA0258 People v. Brendan Wayne Brewer

13CA0654 Matthew Kobilan v. Colorado Board of Parole and Dr. Anthony Young

13CA0657 Parental Resp Conc A.O., a Child, and Conc C. O. and K. O.

13CA0666 Jamie Clingan v. Glenwood Springs Investments & Assoc, d/b/a Grace Healthcare of Glenwood Springs

13CA0974 Petition of M.J.W., In the Int of R.M.D., a Child, and Conc A.M.D.

13CA1001 Marriage of Brown

13CA1032 People v. Ralph Leon Kirkwood

13CA1077 Marriage of Brunk

13CA1179 & 13CA1180 People v. Jonathan Flores

13CA1307 People in the Int of B.F.

13CA1497 Elkhorn Park Corp. v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

13CA1567 People v. Toby Aaron Gallegos

13CA1577 People in the Int of I.G., a Child, and Conc C.C.

13CA1814 People in the Int of P.T., Jr., and A.T., Children, and Conc P.T.

13CA1839 People in the Int of A.M., a Child, and Conc B.M.

13CA2347 Deanna C. Gallegos v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

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