Mandatory E-File Orders

The Nineteenth Judicial District has identified case types in which e-filing of documents is mandatory. All counsel shall electronically file all pleadings, motions, briefs, exhibits, and other documents in the areas identified below.

County Court 
Civil (C), Money, Forcible Entry and Detainer cases only – Admin. Order 2006-13 (06CV1)

District Court
Civil (CV) –  Admin. Order 2004-06 amended October 2008 (04CV1)

Domestic Relations (DR) – Admin. Order 2006-01dr amended June 2006 (06DR1)

Probate (PR) – Admin. Order 2006-02 (06PR1)

Water (CW) –  Admin. Order 2006-02 (06CW1)

For problems or questions regarding e-filing specific to the Nineteenth Judicial District please call or email Kris Gaydac 970 475-2404

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