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The Colorado Judicial Branch is not allowed to provide legal advice or legal interpretations outside of a courtroom setting. If you need legal help, look in the Yellow Pages of the phone book under "Attorney Referral Services," "Attorneys," or "Lawyers." Some public interest groups also offer legal guidance. In addition, many local bar associations sponsor programs that give free legal advice clinics. We also suggest you take a look at the Colorado Legal Services web page for assistance.

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Contact Information for the Colorado Judicial Department:
Office of the State Court Administrator
1300 Broadway, Suite 1200
Denver, CO 80203

Colorado Supreme Court
2 East 14th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203

Colorado Court of Appeals
2 East 14th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203
  • For Judicial District contact information, you can find the district's page through our District Map page, the Counties page or Judicial Districts page. Information and documents relating to a court case must be obtained from the district in which the case was heard. If you don't know which district a case was heard in, you can do a search online for a fee. Please see more information on our Public Access page.
  • For contact information for attorney regulation issues, see the Supreme Court Attorney Regulation web site.
  • For questions or comments about a jury summons, please contact your local jury commissioner.
  • For questions or comments about court forms, please contact Court Services at
  • For comments or problems with our web page, visit our comments page.

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