The Legal Unit is part of the Executive Division of the Office of the State Court Administrator. Lawyers in the unit provide legal assistance to judges and employees of the Colorado Judicial Department.

Lawyers in the Legal Unit cannot provide legal assistance to the general public. Our office cannot provide advice or legal assistance in individual cases. The Legal Unit has the following responsibilities which may be of interest to the public.

  • Maintain a record of Chief Judge orders and directives.
  • Retain minutes for the Criminal Rules Committee.
  • Retain minutes for the Civil Rules Committee.
  • Retain minutes for the Rules of Evidence Committee.
  • Retain minutes for the Appellate Rules Committee.
  • Assist with updating Colorado Civil and Criminal Jury Instructions.

The Self Help Section of this website may provide information on filing actions in court. Visit the Colorado Bar Association or for information on finding a lawyer.

For information on doing business with the Colorado Judicial Department visit the Purchasing & Vendors link in the Financial Services Division on this website.

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