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jPOD (Judicial Paper on Demand), is a new project designed to replace the existing Statewide court, probation and financial case management system called ICON/Eclipse. This new CMS (case management system) will include the following functions:

  • Trial court case management for all case types in all state funded courts
  • Appellate court case management for all case types in both the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court
  • Jury selection and management
  • Probation case management
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution management
  • Court Appointed Counsel
  • Financial case management
  • Electronic Filing by Attorneys and Pro Se Litigants
  • Public access to court data/records
  • Data exchanges with CICJIS agencies in criminal cases, SANCA agencies in dependency and neglect cases, DMV in traffic dispositions, DISH agencies in child support cases, STRAC in electronic traffic tickets, the FBI in mental health cases, ADAD agencies in alcohol related cases, NORCHEM in drug testing results, Attorney Registration, and Denver County Court in state offenses
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